6 Important factors to consider when choosing a wheelchair

Buying a new wheelchair is a major decision and it is crucial to make a perfect choice that suits your lifestyle, budget, environment, and disability. There are a wide range of manual wheelchairs and powered wheelchairs available on the market. This can make the selection process quite challenging for most consumers. Fortunately, there are a few factors that can help you to make the right decision. Here are a few considerations to make in order to buy the perfect wheelchair for you or your loved one.


Mobility requirements

The main function of a wheelchair is to boost your mobility and enhance your comfort. Therefore, when choosing a wheelchair, you should consider your mobility requirements. This will ensure that you find the right mobile device that will help you to move easily from the wheelchair to the bed, toilet, or seats. It is best to also account for future changes in your mobility or deterioration of your physical health.


Physical proportions

Your physical proportions will influence the choice of your wheelchair. This is why you need to use your weight and size to determine the right wheelchair. The seat of the wheelchair needs to have a width that is 2 to 4 cm greater than that of your hips to guarantee comfort. In addition, the wheelchair you choose should be able to accommodate your weight. Most manual and powered wheelchair models will list the maximum weight that they can safely support.


The weight of the wheelchair

The weight and size of the wheelchair are crucial with regard to carrying and transporting it. The wheelchair weight will also have a major impact when it is being pushed or propelled. Heavier wheelchairs tend to be quite difficult to push because of the extra weight. The best disability friendly devices are those with an aluminium frame because they are lightweight.


Individual preferences

Your individual requirements and preferences are important considerations when choosing wheelchairs. For individuals who are regularly involved in sports or other types of recreational activities, a mobile and lightweight device is a perfect option. In addition, if you will be regularly folding the wheelchair, then you need one that does not take a lot of space and does not require tools when folding.



Some power chairs and manual wheelchairs are quite bulky. Therefore, it is crucial for you to think about where they will be stored in the home. You should also determine whether you will be carrying the equipment inside your vehicle and whether it will fit. There are different types of wheelchairs that suit a wide range of transport and storage needs. Most manual wheelchairs and power chairs tend to be rigid and will not fold. However, a foldable wheelchair will be ideal because it takes less space in the home and can perfectly fit in the vehicle boot.


The environment

You should consider the environment where you will be using your wheelchair in. For individuals who spend most of their time indoors, a mobile and compact wheelchair is ideal. You can also go for a mobile device that has a combination of outdoor and indoor features if you often travel on rougher surfaces. Some of the features that can boost outdoor travel performance include pneumatic tires, mountain tires, and suspension frame.

A wheelchair is a crucial piece of equipment, particularly for individuals who depend wholly on it for mobility. When buying a new wheelchair, you must ensure that it suits your daily activities, lifestyle, and personal taste. Owing to modern technology, there is a wide range of wheelchairs to choose from. The above-mentioned factors will help you in choosing the right wheelchair that suits your needs.

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