Exotic Holidays, Zanzibar

6 Ideas for Exotic Holidays That Aren’t Bali or Thailand

There’s no denying that Bali and Thailand are thriving when it comes to tourist numbers and for all the right reasons. They have amazing beaches, lively culture, stunning hotels and tasty food. However, there are other exotic places that even top Bali and Thailand in their offerings but get so much less attention. Well, not for long! Here are the best exotic holiday destinations besides our two big stars that you must visit!


Amazing food, mystical temples filled with the aroma of incense, tribes with their colorful dresses, national parks made for exploration and dramatic natural beauties – you can see all of this and more in magical Vietnam! Plus, even though Vietnam was always a budget-friendly exotic destination, prices have never been this amazing, so 2019 is definitely the time to visit this intriguing country!

Exotic Holidays, Vietnam


Another exotic alternative to Bali and Thailand is definitely India! Just a one-hour flight from Mumbai separates you from magical Goa with perfect laid-back beaches, interesting temples and the once-in-a-lifetime food of India. It’s a perfect mixture of India’s rich tradition and exotic beach escapes perfect for Westerners! Sure, Goa’s beaches are super attractive, but make sure to venture a bit deeper inland for the real experiences. Shop at local markets, get some exotic spices and tour the temples. Pro tip: when picking your accommodation, don’t just head straight for the 5-star hotels even though there are some nice ones. Check out villa rentals instead and you’ll truly have an unforgettable vacation!

Exotic Holidays, Goa

New Caledonia

In the Pacific Ocean, somewhere between Australia and Fiji, lies New Caledonia, one of the most beloved travel destinations for Aussies! It will tick most of your boxes, no matter if you’re single, traveling with your SO or wanting to enjoy a holiday with your entire family. There are romantic beaches, amazing diving spots, exciting water sports, lively nightlife and plenty of interesting cultural events and sites! Plus, this exotic archipelago isn’t expensive to visit at all! Consult with the lovely people from New Caledonia Travel Connection about their special offers and you’ll find amazing prices with some huge discounts. Sometimes, packages are up to 50% off which is an offer no one can refuse! So, if you want an affordable yet luxury holiday, New Caledonia is just the place for you!

Exotic Holidays, New Caledonia


If you’re looking to have a laid-back vacation with a splash of adventure, check out Zanzibar! This archipelago in the Indian Ocean will give you everything you need: amazing beaches, the breathtaking blue of the ocean and interesting nature! But don’t spend your entire vacation soaking up the sun at the beach! Visit the main island of the archipelago, Unguja, and explore the capital! Zanzibar City is blessed with some amazing markets, museums, cultural sites and gardens. It’s also home to one of the most interesting UNESCO sites, Stone Town which is rich with Swahili culture! Pro tip: after an active safari trip in Serengeti, Zanzibar is the perfect place to finish your adventure and relax before returning home!

Exotic Holidays, Zanzibar


Marrakech is still one of the top exotic destinations with its one-of-a-kind heritage, rich markets and beautiful riads. Plus, the city really has so many lux experiences to offer: there are new hotels popping up every day! But, don’t spend your entire day by the pool! Check out the city, shop, bargain, visit museums and enjoy the Marrakech vibe. Also, don’t miss the chance to take a desert tour and ride a camel!

Exotic Holidays, Marrakech

St. Lucia

Just a quick trip off the East Coast of North America lies St. Lucia! This little Caribbean island is full of luxury resorts and pristine beaches, but that’s not the best thing about it. The lush jungle that covers the mountains is a great challenge for all active travelers, while those that enjoy a more laid-back holiday will be blown away by the amazing food. If you’re a die-hard foodie, make sure you hit the streets on Fridays and enjoy some of the best street food you’ll ever taste at one of the food festivals! When you’re not eating, you can hop in a cab to the Sulphur Springs and have a natural spa day in hot springs and mud baths!

Exotic Holidays

Tick off these exotic spots before they overflow with tourists and lose their charm and interesting vibe! Bali and Thailand won’t go anywhere, we promise!

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