6 Great ways to spruce up your home

Once you move into a new place you are full of novel ideas and enthusiasm. Over time, the willpower disappears and you end up living in the same home for years on end. In order to spruce up your home, you firstly need motivation, and having an actual plan serves as a great motivator. People who just want to “improve something” end up not doing anything, while those with a refurbishment plan fare much better. There are many great ways to spruce up your home but we will list here only the topmost 6.

The Bathroom Area


An important room in the entire living space is the bathroom. It is more than the place where you bathe and brush your teeth, as many people do not have any other sanctuary of peace and quiet inside their house other than the bathroom. Most people think that (re)decorating the bathroom costs a fortune but things couldn’t be more different. A few wall features, like a towel warmer, are enough to transform any bathroom. Coupled with adequate flooring, the perfect bathroom is just a couple of nut and bolts away.


Self-Made Art

There isn’t a person alive who does not harbour an artist within. Whether it is a simple drawing or a unique way of folding napkins, it is time to unleash the artist inside you. Think of the apartment as a gallery of a sort that serves the purpose of displaying your artwork. The walls are the obvious choice to hang the pictures on, while the fridge can display your photographic skills. Invite all the family members to join the expo by displaying their own pieces of art. Your house will in no time get that homely atmosphere that is priceless but that hasn’t cost you a single dime.


Appliance Maintenance

Usually, appliances around the house get left out of a typical renovation. This is because homeowners tend to perceive things black and white and they simply ditch the old appliances and replace them with brand new ones. This solution is super expensive, as it is much cheaper to simply repair them. In fact, appliance repair is relatively cheap because of the availability of parts. Once you successfully complete a refrigerator repair you can dedicate yourself to improving its design. A simple sticker and a touch of paint here and there can do wonders!


Trendy at All Cost?

Living room

The first thing a person doing a home improvement project googles is the adjective “trendy.” This is perfectly normal, as we all wish to be up to date with the latest interior design features but are you ready to sacrifice homeliness for the sake of some posh designer’s opinion? Most of us aren’t, so your improved home should reflect your style and not the ephemerals fashion trends. The latter constantly keep changing, so is virtually impossible to follow all of them, while you will have to live in the house you designed for years.


Clean the Kitchen Cabinets

One part of the kitchen that is often overlooked is the inside of kitchen cabinets. They are suspended near the ceiling, so you cannot reach their back to clean them thoroughly. Various liquids and powders spill inside and they are left like that for years, so most cabinets require a decent scrubbing.


The Windows

Because of the windowpanes we rarely realize the fact that our house has several large holes in its façade. How these holes are filled out is not unimportant, so be sure to spruce up the window area as well. You would want to have some curtains on the inside to regulate the amount of light that is let in. On the other side, you want the windows to be safe from storms and burglars alike, so window shutters are not a bad solution at all. Unlike curtains and blinds, shutters can be both interior and exterior, depending on the main function.

The 6 ways listed here are ideal starting points for sprucing up the home. Once you pick up the duster for the first time, it will be hard to stop and your home will soon receive an improved look.

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