6 Effective Ways to Achieve Success and Wealth this 2019

There are several books who teach us
about the discipline that we must do, to make a good habit a successful one.
According to research, it takes 21 days to turn our repeated action into a
habit. It makes us wonder about how these renowned tycoons consistently making
it to the top for over many years, decade and for generations.

Are they using some kind
of power? Actually, no, they don’t have any powers of anything that we can
think of. Simply, it’s because of their strong determination and goal-oriented
that they’re taking into action, which made them achieve what they have right

Have a look and contemplate all these
tips that I can share to you if you want to be wealthy and successful:

1.Start doing good habits.

What lies differently
between unsuccessful and successful people is about their daily habits; because
a good habit is a root and foundation in building your wealth. Although bad
habits are addicting and tempting to do, they must be stopped once and for all.

Simply, these successful
people tend to disregard their bad habits, because once they realized that it
hinders them from reaching their goal, they immediately stop it; and then, they
try to enhance their good habits, so that it’ll become consistent. That’s the
reason why they have many good habits and lesser bad habits.

To start changing your bad
habits into good habits, start doing this:

  • Say this, I will minimize my hours of watching
    television per day,”
    instead of, “I will watch television all day.”
  • Say this, “I will finish my tasks today”
    instead of, “I will continue this tomorrow.”

Constantly remind yourself about the proactivity you are doing, so that in less than 30 days, you’ll know how far you’ve changed and seen how it motivates you. Are you ready to change your bad habits?

2.Create new goals.

Why do we have to set a
goal? How important it is to have a goal in mind? Significantly, if you set a
goal, most likely it’ll drive your motivation to do your best, because you know
that, that goal contains reward- happiness and satisfaction.

When you felt these two
things, this is when you have achieved your goal. Aside from that, it gives you
a clear path about how you are going to do with your life. It gives thrill and
excitement if you have a goal, and once you have achieved it, then formulate a
new one.

This is just a never-ending process, but with a variety of outcome. Furthermore, when you want to set a goal, make sure it’ll have a long-term effect on you because successful people never settle for less. They are goal-driven and that would never change.


Successful people always improve their selves to be better. They aren’t afraid of learning, and are open-minded in changing their old habits; because for them, it’s useless to spend their time on unnecessary activities if it won’t be beneficial to their success. Furthermore, time is very valuable to be spent on stupid things. Simply, if you commit in improving yourself then immerse yourself in an activity that will stretch and challenge you.

4.Prioritize your health.

Some individuals would literally kill their self by overworking and that is not going to make you successful. Do an effort to have time for exercising and maintain a good lifestyle. Eating the right kinds of foods MUST be your priority and vital for your journey. When you exercise, it gives you more energy to get things finished.

5.Say NO to procrastination.

Productivity is the most common denominator present to every tycoon and successful individuals in this world. They always manage their time and get things done. Successful people don’t procrastinate, because they strictly discipline their selves to finish everything at all cost. Right now, I can even hear Chandler’s voice constantly screaming at you, Do it now! Do it! Do it” Don’t stop until you are done with your tasks on that day.

6.Be Positive

Probably, this is one of
the misconceptions of the other people. They thought that keeping an
enthusiastic and positive outlook, makes you immature; but actually no. Think
of a successful person you know. Is he/she positive or negative? They are happy
and positive because they choose to see the goodness of others and into their

For them, problems in cash, relationship, or career, are pretty normal and it helps
them shape their individuality to be better. As much as possible, these people
would avoid getting drown with negativity and news about bad doings and deeds.

Surely, if you take
everything in here seriously, then you’ll achieve whatever you want. You will
have a taste of a heavenly triumph. Everyone can be successful and wealthy, but
not everyone knows when and how to do it.

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