6 Effective Instagram holiday marketing tips for small businesses

We are nearing the most magical time of the year ‒ the holiday season. With it, comes a slew of business opportunities for different businesses and brands to market to their customers in unique and exciting ways. The good news is if you’re a small business owner or just about to start a business, there are surefire ways that you can market your business on Instagram in the next upcoming months.

Instagram has become more than an average social media platform where you can share photos with your friends. It is one of the biggest social apps out there, and it’s an excellent avenue if you want to build your brand and market it into a broader audience.

We’ll unwrap some excellent Instagram holiday marketing tips that you can use to increase your visibility and sales during the holidays:


1. Make a Holiday-Themed Profile

Incorporating a holiday-themed profile in your existing account helps bring in the holiday cheer. It’s a great way to keep up with trends that are timely and relevant to your audience. A holiday sentiment on with emoticons can add a nice touch to your bio.

So, think about giving your Instagram profile a facelift ‒ a holiday spin that your followers will surely love. Incorporating a holiday theme in your profile will entice your followers this holiday season, making them ready to make those purchases from you.


2. Involve your Customers

With everything going up and about at this time of the year, there are days when it’s easy to forget to have fun. But don’t forget to let your followers participate in the holiday campaign you’ve set up for them. Don’t miss out on creating user-generated content for optimal results.

Ideally, choose your ‘star customers,’ these are the people who have a history of buying from your brand and has active engagements on social media. If you want to find who these individuals are, it helps to do your research first using CRM.

More often than not, these individuals have the power to influence your community of target audience. You can opt to give gifts (if necessary) since rewards can act as strong motivations.

Aside from that, another way to motivate your customers to participate is directly involving them. Encourage them to post a ‘countdown til the holidays’ daily hashtag, as it produces user-generated content. You can also feature them in your feed.


3. Offer Discounts and Giveaways

As mentioned earlier, rewards can act as strong motivations especially when it comes to influencing a buyer’s purchasing decision. As much as the holidays are the most festive time of the year, it can also be one of the most expensive seasons. While most of the sales are Black Friday focused, you can launch an upcoming holiday campaign full of deals and discounts during the entire duration of the holiday season on Instagram.

To generate more sales, utilize high-quality images of your products with mentions of giveaways, discounts, promotions, and deals. Think about it ‒ a lot of people are more than willing to splurge at this time of the year and, sales, and promotions give them a perfect reason to do so.


4. Advertise with a Cause

The holidays are also about giving. If you want to maintain the warm, holiday spirit, then do it for a cause. Giving back to your community is always one of the best ways to improve your brand reputation.

Once you focus on giving back to others, other people will not only take notice of your good deeds, but they may even go along and participate with you. For instance, you may collect loads of things such as food, clothing, cash, and toys and give it to a local charity. You can also raise money by selling some of your products or donate your time to a help a non-profit organization.

No matter what you choose for your brand, giving back and doing something for the greater good will always reflect positively on you. By featuring your company’s good deeds on social media such as doing volunteer work, your followers will take notice that your business genuinely cares in holiday giving.


5. Personalize your Posts

A lot of people are drawn to Instagram because it’s one of the most personal and friendly social media platforms out here. So, why not make your Instagram updates more ‘personal’? You can do so by advertising your holiday products in a way that it resounds or connects with your followers. As much as you can, make those updates short, concise, friendly and fun. Use the word “you” in the updates as well.


6. Ask Your Audience Holiday-Themed Questions

Asking holiday-themed questions are one of the best ways to drive engagement from your followers. Including a fun, holiday image with a short, with a specific question that you want your followers to answer.

Consider asking those “choose your favorite” type of questions that relate both to the holidays as well as your followers. This posts would encourage engagement while staying relevant with your audience during the holidays.


In Summary

The holiday marketing season always starts early, and this year is no exception. More than ever, the competition is getting fierce, and for you to stand out, you need to capture your audience’s attention and engagement.

By incorporating these six Instagram best practices in your marketing strategy, your content (and sales) will perform nicely during the holidays.

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