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6 Careers That Are Perfect for Online Study

If you’re considering studying but don’t have time to attend classes, an online education could be the answer. Online courses are becoming increasingly popular for their flexibility and cost-effectiveness, but which subjects are best suited to an online platform? A good indicator of whether a subject is suited to online study is when technology improves the learning experience beyond what could be offered in the classroom. The following six subjects are perfect for online study.


  1. Marketing and Public Relations

In the marketing and public relations industries you’ll be figuring out how to connect with people online as an integral part of your job. So, it makes sense that studying online will enhance your ability to engage an online audience. These courses are largely theory and content based with a large focus on digital communication, making the online course format ideal.


  1. Journalism, Editing, and Communications

The journalism and communications industries are among those that have evolved (and survived) by delivering products and services online. Text-based communications are fast-paced with read on-demand newspapers and magazines becoming increasingly popular. Writing and editing professionals need to be confident and proficient in the online space to succeed. As such, studying these subjects online makes sense.


  1. Business and Management

Business professionals with established careers are the most likely candidates for MBA’s, postgraduate studies and professional development courses. As such, an online and fully flexible study mode is the most convenient for studying outside a nine-to-five workday. The subject matter is also largely theory-based and requires little collaboration with others.


  1. Social Media & Digital Marketing

Obviously, those aspiring to work in digital and social media marketing should become proficient and confident online. So, a course in social media engagement, social media marketing, and digital marketing, almost guarantees that all coursework, including reading, exams, and practical assignments will be delivered and completed entirely online.


  1. Law, Legal & Justice

The study of law is highly literary, making it an ideal fit with an online environment. Law students spend a large proportion of their time reading and writing. So, time spent commuting or attending classes would be better spent hitting the e-books and online course materials. The most ideal online courses in law, legal and justices studies are short online courses, professional development certificates, postgraduate studies or short bachelor programs.


  1. Information Technology

A career in information technology guarantees you’ll be working online. This is the most obvious career that makes a perfect fit for an online study environment. After all, the subject matter is based on being immersed in the online world.


So, What Could Go Wrong?

It’s difficult to make time for education. But if you want to get ahead in your career, professional development is essential in most fields. Technology is constantly evolving and changing the way we work, making it important to stay abreast of new developments. Online education technology, such as Australian Online Courses’ state-of-the-art e-Learning system, provides the opportunity to make study fit with life. The downside is, studying online will require discipline and excellent time-management skills.


Australian Online Courses

If you choose to study online, make sure it’s with a quality education provider. Australian Online Courses offers personal and professional development courses, covering a multitude of subjects, which are industry-approved and flexible in delivery. Simply visit us online or contact one of our friendly Learning Consultants today on 1300 762 221.

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