5 Ways to Work on Your Brand Awareness

What would you say is the one thing that can help you generate more buzz in your community, get your brand in front of more eyes and ensure brand recognition? It’s the key ingredient to brand success and it plays a pivotal role in creating long-lasting and meaningful brand engagement, and it’s known as brand awareness. But raising it properly and with desirable ROI can be a challenge for companies of all sorts and sizes, and in the modern world, you cannot afford to make mistakes, otherwise, your competition will profit.

Let’s see how you can perfect your branding strategy to increase your brand awareness and utilize the perks of both your digital and physical presence to ensure brand loyalty down the road.

Make some noise

Every marketing expert on the face of the planet will tell you that you need to have an “edge” over your competitors, something that helps you stand out, an authentic, but also a unique quality that you can leverage to make your brand memorable and relatable. But it’s one thing to possess such a trait, and a whole different set of issues to make it known to the world and use it to your advantage.

Your entire brand identity, from your logo, slogans and taglines, to your content and regular posts need to reflect this quality. Your entire business needs to embody whatever makes you special in the eyes of the consumer, whether through funny videos, goofy images, memes, tweets, charity work, blog posts, you name it, it has to have that unique seal.

Promotions are always in

It’s human nature and it’s fairly simple: people like freebies and getting an otherwise expensive service or product for a fraction of the price. This is especially true for people who are new to the brand and are yet to determine whether you will become their go-to for the particular offer you’re making. The price could be the thing to tip the scales.

When you share those promotions on your social networks, send e-mail alerts to your subscribers and post notifications on your website, you get a chance to encourage your existing customers to spread the word, engage in a conversation and for others to have a taste of your product. Add to that the fact that all your promotional items contain your logo, and your brand will have exposure to an incredible number of people you’ve never had the means to reach. This is why wearables and simple techy gadgets such as flash drives make for brilliant promotional pieces.

Give people experiences

Above everything else, even gifts, people appreciate being treated with appreciation and respect, and what could be a better way to achieve this than to organize an event with doors open to the wider public, in a public spot or for a charitable purpose? Raising awareness through parties, auctions, workshops, tasting events, seminars, anniversaries and similar events means that you will have a chance to interact with your customers one-on-one, create an atmosphere they will enjoy, remember and retell to their friends and perhaps even share their experience on social media.

A themed event hosted in the right venue, with accompanying music and decorations to set the mood, and you will attract visitors from far and wide to attend. You can even give your event a luxurious twist and consider hiring catering companies that can ensure versatile, fun menus of canapes and cocktails for your guests to enjoy. Use this opportunity to mingle, give out your business cards, give out promotional material and encourage conversations all around.

Enlighten, entertain, engage

The Internet is the world’s biggest chat room, and as such, it presents an infinite source of feedback, knowledge and experience exchange among experts and amateurs alike. Your voice as the reputable guru of your niche has the chance to make a difference on levels to numerous to count. From showing up on sites such as Quora where you can resolve dilemmas, to using your own blog and social media to share tips, and ask your customers for feedback, reviews, referrals, the world (wide web) truly is your oyster.

Depending on your brand’s purpose, you can aim for content that gives invaluable and unique information unlike anything else seen online, which will make you a go-to expert in your field. If you can use fun gifs, create funny videos and make your audience laugh, they will be more inspired to share your content, thus raising your brand awareness for you. And finally, keeping conversations alive with regular responding to messages, comments and shares means that your customers will be more likely to develop a bond with your brand and spread any news as they arise.

Tune in on social trends

It’s not enough to just be present and posting regularly – your content on your social pages can make or break your efforts to increase awareness. We all know that 2017 was the year of Instagram influencers, and 2018 will only see a growth in this trend, but you have to listen in on other ideas that are gaining on popularity in different social circles. Which hashtags will be the most popular? Which memes to look out for? Which pop culture references will pick up speed as the year progresses?

For instance, with the acceleration of technological growth, it’s predicted that livestreaming will become a widely accepted trend in 2018, and making brands more accessible through various chatting platforms is also on the rise. What matters is that you need to make use of trends that are in line with your brand image and that can boost your “street cred” and get you greater visibility.

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