Vandalism at Your Company

5 Ways to Prevent Vandalism at Your Company

Business owners have many responsibilities to attend to throughout the day. You’re trying to sell products and services, maintain your daily operations and acquire new customers. The last thing you want to do is have to deal with vandals and robbers. Below are a few suggestions you can implement immediately to reduce the odds of having your property damaged by vandals.


Invest in Walls, Fences, and Gates

The best way to secure your business from vandals and thieves is by hiring a fencing company like City Wide Fence Co to erect walls, fences, and gates around your perimeter. Now, why do you think securing your perimeter is so effective against vandalism? The reason is actually very simple.


Vandals Want an Easy Target

So when they drive through a shopping district or an industrial area, they look for the easiest targets to get into. When they see a facility with fences and locked gates all around it, they are much more likely to quickly move on to the next target. Not having a fence does not guarantee security, but it can really make a difference.


Install Flood Lights and Motion Sensors

Next on the list would have to be floodlights. Vandals mostly strike at night in order to avoid being detected. So if they are looking for an easy target, obviously they will be drawn to properties that are not very well lit. Putting up floodlights at all of your entrances and simply around the entire property is a great way to deter vandals and thieves.


Put in Alarms and Security Cameras

Now some people are simply not going to be deterred by fences, gates, and floodlights. They are going to go in and do some damage anyway. So this is why you would also want to have alarms and security cameras on site. If you are a vandal, which target is going to look easier to you? Would you go to the business that has security cameras and signs warning of security alarms? Or would you go to the business next door that has neither cameras nor an alarm?


Hire Security Guards

As effective as all of these other measures are at deterring criminals, there’s nothing quite like having security guards. Having people on site patrolling your property is probably more effective than any other method. It might not be cheap, but it’s definitely an investment that can save you a ton of money in losses and damages.


Respond Immediately to Acts of Vandalism

No matter how hard you try to prevent vandalism, the odds are still good that your business will get hit at some point. Once this happens, the next best thing you can do is to respond immediately. If your alarm system and security guards can respond immediately and alert the authorities, that might be able to stop vandals in their tracks and make them turn and run.

But if you don’t find out until the next morning that vandals have damaged your property, then obviously you cannot catch them in the act. But you can still discourage them from coming back. Vandals, especially taggers, love to see their graffiti on display. If you can paint over their work within a few hours, that would be a big discouragement to them.

They want their friends to drive by and see it. It’s all about showing off to their friends—and in some cases—their enemies. So if you can cover it up immediately, then they will start looking for easier targets where their work can be on display for longer periods of time.

You can’t always catch criminals in the act, so your best bet is to prevent them from damaging your property in the first place. By using these strategies, you will have a much better chance of avoiding trouble so that your team can focus on the things that really matter in your business.

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