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5 Ways to maintain your office clean

Office cleaning is an important order of business for any firm, so they mostly outsource this activity. However, having the office cleaned is one thing, while keeping the office clean is a different matter. If you no longer want to see plastic cups and paper sheets around the office, the workforce has to adopt certain habits and adhere to some rules in order to keep the office clean, obviating the need to clean it every other day. There are several ways to go about this matter but these are the 5 most effective measures you can put into action to maintain the office space as clean as possible.+

Find a Place for Everything

Perhaps the biggest problem with clutter is the fact that many items lack a proper place, so people just leave them where they see fit. For instance, if there doesn’t exist a magazine rack, newspapers can be left anywhere the person reading them wishes to. That is why you have to observe carefully what are the most problematic items that always seem to go around the office without a place of their own. Once you identify the most frequent clutter, create a plan and find a place for every single item in the office.

Ditch Paper

Paper is by far the biggest contributor to clutter in your office. It finds its way almost everywhere: on the floors, behind tables and it even flies out through windows. Unfortunately, there are still business partners and government agencies that require its use but this doesn’t mean that you have to use it internally. Try to digitize as many files as possible and use the copy machine only when it is absolutely necessary. Instruct your employees that they should avoid printing e-mails and hand out e-books and smartphones to replace paper.

Storage and Filing

In such instances when the use of paper cannot be avoided, there should exist a viable storage system. In most cases, this is the introduction of a filing cabinet, while in some cases workers can keep their individual cases in the desk. We say “in” and not “at” because files have a tendency to stack one on top of the another until they come tumbling down. The order is an important segment of keeping your office clean.

A Complete Cleaning Solution

Although paper is the most common culprit for office clutter, there are so many other sanitary issues. The walls and the ceiling need cleaning, the windows shouldn’t be smudged, the bathroom has to be cleaned after each use etc. In fact, there are so many things that need to be taken care of than the matter of cleanliness becomes a second business. That is why you should let professionals like Nice and Clean take over because such firms offer complete solutions for office cleaning. In practice, this means that once you arrange all the details of the cleaning service, they take over the whole process, leaving you time to focus on making money.

Digital Maintenance

Apart from the physical space of the office, you need to take care of the digital world of your computer. A computer desktop can fall victim to clutter just as the office floor. If there are too many files which are not neatly organized in folders, the computer could slow down and even crash! Employees should be instructed not to save files on the desktop and to clean the “downloads” folder once in a while. Also, they could run utility programs such as CCleaner to remove unnecessary files, save hard disk space, and fix any problems with the registry.

These 5 ways of keeping your office clean are an excellent starting point for any future maintenance plan you wish to introduce. Remember, a clean office free of clutter will directly raise worker satisfaction and productivity.

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