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5 Ways to create a minimalist look in a small apartment

Many believe that minimalism is about gleaming interiors, beautiful ultra contemporary furniture and some exotic piece(s) of art on bright walls. The truth is that minimalism transcends this mental pictures. It’s about configuring your interior to build more mental energy and space. It involves de-cluttering your life of less essential physical matter. It involves working with only that which is essential and more meaningful for you. But how do you do this in a small apartment? Here are five ways of how to create your preferred minimalist look.

Declutter Your Apartment

Before you take any other minimalist action, first things first: declutter your apartment, especially if it feels or looks cluttered. As you declutter, use the principal, ‘less is more’. Thus, the objective of decluttering is to have less but essential stuff only around your apartment.

So, if you are the kind who keeps all manner of knickknacks and decorative items, consider getting rid of as much of them as possible. The best way to go about it to consider everything in every room, whether you can do without it or not. If you can do without it, then get rid of it.

Consider Scale Planning

Space management cannot be successful without scale planning. Huy Hoang, who manages a cleaning site Simplymaid Australia says to go about planning space in every room of a small apartment, consider mixing larger furniture or fixtures with the other smaller items. Going all small does not necessarily create more space. Rather, it makes your apartment feel more or look more cramped than intended. Larger furniture fill out space, while leaving sufficient room for other smaller but essential items.

Store Random Items Out of Sight

Every one is guilty of the sin of having random items like magazines and bills thrown about. It is high time you found a home in your apartment for them. Think of a beautiful basket or bin for them and keep them neatly in the study or somewhere far.

Your Colour Scheme

Nothing shouts about your personality than your choice of color. You can choose to use different shades of the same color for different rooms, or you can have every room splashed with a variety of harmonious colors, all depending on your taste.

For the living room, the most sensitive in every house, you can choose white: a set of cream couch, white walls and rug, among other items. This makes it feel and look airier and brighter. If white makes you feel nervous, probably due to kids or pets, then you can think of white furniture and a set of design elements with a neutral tone.


After decluttering your apartment, ensure that what you retain is in harmony with everything else in every room. Think of a unified color scheme and design for every room. This is very unique and very personal, but generally speaking, your space should be very harmonious, with everything exactly where it is supposed to be. Everything should be simple and classic, fitting well in the color scheme of every room.

Choose what is comfortable and workable for you. Just play with different tones and textures to achieve your desired goals. To wrap it all up, remember that going minimal is about simplicity. It is all your life, though. How simple you can go depends on you.

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