5 Ways Software can improve the employee work experience

In the 21st century, modern workplaces are starting to look less like “people factories” more like spaces where individuals can plan, create, move the future forward and even play. Many of the old paradigms of how to maximize employee output are being turned on their heads and technology is helping. Where technology once chained people to their desks, now it is setting them free of it.

For decades, businesses have mostly considered what they need from their employees, not what their employees need from them. Although an exact dollar amount is hard to calculate, there is no doubt that employee turnover is costly. Software, however, is one way that businesses can help improve the employee work experience and reduce the cost of turnover.

1. Project Management Apps Foster Better Teamwork

One of the big challenges of project management is the flow of information. Most projects operate on a continuum, where work can’t be completed by one individual or team until something else has been completed by someone else.

In the past, it has often fallen to the project manager to ensure projects were moved smoothly from stage to stage, but it also kept teams largely in the dark about when tasks might be completed by others or even how much work might be coming their way. With project management apps like Trello or Microsoft Project, everyone can see what stages of development various projects are in, where there are holdups and even get some sense of when a project will be ready for each individual or team to do their part.

2. Mobile Apps Allow More Freedom To Roam

From Skype to Slack to Salesforce, mobile apps are giving employees greater freedom than ever before to seamlessly meld their business and personal lives. Personal issues often crop up without warning, so mobile technology can help employees better attend to personal matters without missing a beat at work. That is, of course, if businesses invest in the right software and technology to do so.

These days, there are fewer and fewer jobs that really require people to be present in the office to do the most critical work. The more flexibility businesses can give their employees, the more likely they are to get their work done even in the midst of a personal event or crisis.

3. More Freedom to Create and Innovate

There are a wide range of business tasks that used to have to be done manually, which can now be automated. The fewer rote tasks employees have to perform, the more time they have to create and innovate. This function is so important to businesses that many major corporations create specific programs aimed at fostering and facilitating the creative ideas that come from their employees.

While you may not be able to allow your employees to devote 20% of their work time to their pet projects, you can automate a number of tasks to at least give them some time to plan, design, create and innovate.

4. Better Cohesion and Less Time Wasted

Before cloud storage and file sharing, employees stored all of their personal documents and files on their own individual hard drives. Not everyone had the best system for storing them either, which meant finding those files often took some doing. This also meant that in many cases, old, out-of-date copies of everything from forms and contracts to SOP’s often made the rounds.

In addition, employees often had to take time to try and find another employee that had the form they needed, which meant two people were devoting valuable time to simply finding documents, which in many cases were actually out of date. With a file sharing system like OneDrive, employees all have access to the same documents and files that can be quickly and easily located. You can also quickly change out old out-of-date forms to ensure everyone is using the most up-to-date and current versions of any necessary documents and paperwork.

5. Better Shot at Advancement

There are a number of different ways in which software can not only help you retain employees but even help them increase their own personal value as well. HR management software can help employees better track their own benefits and help you better track important milestones.

These can include reminders for annual employee reviews and better data gathering to help you prepare those reviews to helping you better track who might be due for a raise, promotion or even just recognition. Online learning can also help employees learn new skills, stay up to date with current trends and practices and even help usher your business into a new era.

are essentially 5 key things that most employees are
looking for from their workplaces (aside from a good salary and benefits.)
These are:

  • Respect
  • Inclusion
  • Impact
  • Opportunity
  • Effective

right software can help create a more inclusive environment. It can also help
employees better understand the big picture, which can also help them have
impact by offering creative solutions to problems they might not have
previously even been aware of. Software can also help leaders be more in touch
with what is happening with their employees and create opportunities for growth
and advancement. All in all, software can help create an environment that gives
employees exactly what they are looking for. And in the end, that can’t help
but have a positive impact on your bottom line.

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