5 Ways Social Media can turn you into an entrepreneur

You want to start a business, but you don’t know where to start, so where do you turn? Google is probably one of the first sources, right? The internet is a nexus of information for everything from business and marketing to health and fitness. We rely on the internet every day to provide us with invaluable resources that influence major decisions in our lives.

What role does social media play in business? Maybe you know that people can buy Facebook ads or run a blog for money, but did you ever think social media could help transform the business idea you’ve been mulling over in your head for years into a reality?

Social media provides entrepreneurs with an opportunity to develop a presence investors notice, build authority in their field and establish a strong brand image for their up-and-coming company.

Would you like to start designing your business today without spending a dime? All you need is a basic understanding of social media and a WiFi connection. Sound good? Let’s get started! These five practices will help you transform yourself from a dreamer to a doer by harnessing the power of social media to build your business.

Establish Your Brand Identity

Do you want to be known as yourself or your business? It’s time to secure usernames and web domains that will be connected to you and your company. WordPress is the top dog in the web hosting industry. You can sign up for a free account and design a website for free. Craft a portfolio or make the “Watch This Space” page of your dreams.

You can upgrade at any time for as little as $3 a month, and WordPress offers plenty of free tutorials and guides that will teach you how to host your website, edit its theme and publish content.

Don’t stop with a website, though. It’s time to secure usernames on the major social media platforms that will pioneer your success. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are the heavy hitters in social media content marketing today, so you’ll want to secure a name on each.

Your username should either be a form of your own moniker or your business’s name. You want to keep the names as consistent as possible across all platforms.

Create Content

Learn how to identify your target audience and begin creating content that will resonate with them. Your primary objective during this stage should be establishing a strong identity and credibility. Use your knowledge and passion to fuel your content. Don’t be afraid to experiment either and see what gets the best response.

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t receive any likes or comments right away. No one does. Make sure you properly format though; research the image dimensions to optimize your posts for every platform, create captivating thumbnails and featured images using free graphic design tools like Canva and use appropriate meta descriptions and tags to get your content seen.

Connect With Industry Pros

Nothing helps networking in today’s world like a strong social presence. Use LinkedIn to your advantage and connect with other business owners and startup founders you admire. Send a message and find a mentor. The ability to learn and grow from other people’s success stories is now easier than ever.

Leverage the Competition

You can use your profiles to evaluate your future competitors and learn where they fall short. Use active listening skills to identify what consumers are talking about. Make note of their pros, but pay even closer attention to the cons. Frequent complaints for businesses in your niche give you a foundation to offer a better solution, which will lead to greater sales and recognition in the future.

Make a Name for Yourself

Be your own marketer and find what works for you. Using social networking sites to become an entrepreneur gives you total creative control and authority over your business. You are able to experiment and craft a portfolio of profiles that come together and create a strong image of who you are, what you do and where you’re going.

Don’t be afraid to dive in and start testing the waters. No one wants to be an entrepreneur forever, but you can’t become a successful business owner until you start putting yourself out there. So, log on, get creating and start connecting with others!

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