5 Ways to Make Extra Income Online

Whether you’re looking to pay off loans and debts, earn some extra cash on the side or just escape your daily rut, there’s a sea of opportunities nowadays to do so online. With the technological development, more and more people are opting to telecommute and earn some additional income from the comfort of their own homes. All you have to do is find out what is it that you’re skilled at, what you enjoy doing and whether or not you can still manage to maintain the work-life balance.

Planning and preparation are key if you want to succeed. Be sure to determine how much free time you have for this additional gig, if you have what it takes, whether or not you need some extra training and what kind of computer equipment is required. If you have this figured out, you’re good to go and here are some options you might consider.


Freelancing is basically selling your skills and today, there’s a market for everything: programmers, graphic designers, software developers, video editing, photography, teaching, copywriting and many more. World Wide Web offers numerous freelance websites for your starting platform. You just need to create your profile, give full details of your skills and service you can offer, the range of work you can do, speed of delivery and pricing. You might consider giving a tiered model of pricing according to the quality of your work and speed as it gives more choices to prospective clients. After a job well done, customers will leave a feedback and rating which gives you credibility and builds your reputation.

Search engine evaluation

SEO has become an inevitable and essential part of any online business strategy today since a good one will give you a high ranking and generate more traffic and leads. Major search engines such as Google or Bing, use algorithms in order to get precise results, but they also hire people to examine those to make sure they’re relevant. You can be one of those – as an SE evaluator, you need to enter certain words or phrases and then make an analysis of how suitable and informative the result sites are.

Online surveys

Taking surveys is another convenient and practical idea how to make money online. This is a legitimate and interesting way to earn some extra cash with only a few hours a week. It’s free to join in, sometimes you’re even paid to sign up, and all you need to do is take surveys, opinion polls or fill in questionnaires, which can be done in a matter of minutes. You can also sign up at many sites at the same time and you will receive a call when they need your services. You are usually paid in cash (PayPal or mailed check) and often there are extra bonuses such as various prizes and gift certificates.

Online tutoring

Online tutoring sites are looking for people who are skilled, patient and creative in certain academic areas to help college students, school kids or adults in solving problems and mastering their subjects. If you feel that you have what it takes to explain complex issues, break them down to basics and transfer that knowledge, this is the choice for you. Once you pass initial testing and have a mock session with a professional tutor to evaluate your teaching skills and creative class management, you’re paired up with a student with whom you work in a virtual classroom, using a shared whiteboard and having discussions. You work part-time and you create your own schedule.

Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant is another excellent home-based job for people with great organisation and communication skills, attention to detail and the ability to multi-task. You are given all sorts of assignments, such as reservations, scheduling appointments and meetings, typing letters and e-mails, handling orders etc. It’s a great job with a flexible schedule that doesn’t require anything more than a high school diploma and great computer and communication skills.


Opportunities for working from home are countless. Just get out there and find what works for you. Be imaginative and creative and extra money will start coming in.

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