5 Ways to Help Your Employees Stay Fit, Alert, and Productive

As the world’s greatest boss—hey, you have the coffee mug to prove it—you’re constantly on the lookout for ways to boost productivity and help your team perform at higher levels. Cracking the whip can only do so much, and sometimes you can actually accomplish more by backing off and supporting your staff in other ways. If you’re interested in helping your employees stay fit, alert and productive, try some of these ideas below.

Set Up a Gym at the Office

If you’re really interested in helping your employees improve their health and fitness, then making exercise a part of your corporate culture is an important step. Installing some exercise equipment for employees to use before and after work—or on their lunch breaks—can make exercise a more convenient and realistic option. You don’t need to go all out, though. Just adding a weight multi-station and a treadmill or two can go a long way to encouraging daily exercise.

Allow for Longer Lunch Breaks

Since many employees won’t be able to hit the gym before or after work due to family commitments, offering a longer lunch break would allow them to use that company gym regularly. And even if you can’t provide a gym at work, the extra time will still allow them to squeeze in some walking time. And if they simply choose to use that time to catch a power nap in the break room, that’s likely to help them feel refreshed and energized anyway. Either way, it means better health, energy levels and productivity for the employee, and that’s a win all around.

Invest in Ergonomic Office Furniture

Poor posture coupled with a sedentary lifestyle can sap energy levels and create a host of health problems. Switching to health-friendly furniture from a company like D&R Office Works, Inc. can help counteract that tendency. At the very least, investing in comfortable chairs that can be adjusted to fit different body sizes are a must. Stand-up desks with adjustable heights are another great option.

Provide Healthy Snacks and Lunch Options

Exercise and body dynamics are one side of the health coin, and diet is the other. Many busy employees today skip meals, chug coffee by the gallon and scarf down junk food at their desks in an effort to meet deadlines and stay productive. But the effect is often the opposite of what is desired. Invest in the health of your employees by providing healthy snacks, fresh lunches and caffeine-free coffee alternatives.

Consider Remote Work-From-Home Options

Another great way to boost employee health, morale and productivity is to allow employees to work remotely from home one or more days of the week. Employees who work at home are often many times more productive than those who come into the office every day and get tied up in office politics and water-cooler gossip sessions. This can also free up desk space for those temp workers and interns who only come in a few times per week.

There are many ways to improve productivity in the workplace. Focusing on health, fitness and morale can actually work wonders for your team’s performance and take your results to a whole new level.

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