5 Unique branding ideas to consider for your small business in 2019

The market is already very competitive right now, and it will continue to become even tighter in 2019. Separating yourself from competitors and making it easier for customers (and potential customers) to recognize your business is going to be more important as we get closer to the new year. This means going the extra mile with your brand and branding efforts.

Now is the perfect time to start planning for how you want to strengthen your brand in 2019. There is no shortage of new ideas to explore and developing trends to pay attention to; the challenge is finding the right ones for your business and the brand you carry. These five unique branding ideas are among the best to consider as you prepare for small business for 2019.


Reevaluate Your Brand Performance

There is a lot to be gained from closely evaluating your brand. The existing brand may be unique and representative, but it isn’t always suitable for the target consumers, especially when you consider the changing consumer perception and the way they see – and connect – with brands. Since staying relevant is also very important, doing a thorough evaluation of your brand is an investment worth making.

You need to dig deeper into your brand identity. What separates your brand from the competitors’? What values does your brand represent? Is the brand relevant in today’s market? More importantly, are the customers getting the key messages you are trying to deliver through your brand?


Invest in Community

Community development is something that every small business must do in the face of market challenges. Having a strong community supporting the business is a huge plus. Not only will you be strengthening your customer base, but you will also gain a lot of happy customers who actively promote your brand.

Community development is about spending time with the community around you. You can do things such as supporting local activities, aligning the brand’s missions with those of the community, and showing a genuine interest in community development.


Use Merchandise to Your Advantage

One of the marks of a strong brand is effective merchandising. Strong brands can also benefit from selling merchandise with the brand on them. However, you must not let this approach scare you away from creating your own merchandise.

The merchandise you produce is also effective when used as a tool for promoting your brand. T-shirts are the all-time classics and custom logo pins are a unique way to promote a small business. Produce your own merchandise and give them to customers as a bonus for their purchases.


Promote the People

Another approach you need to integrate with your branding efforts in 2019 is promoting the people behind your brand. People relate better with people, even when you have a relatively strong brand, to begin with. By promoting the people behind your brand – those who are working hard to keep customers happy – you are building a more personal relationship with your target market.

There are many ways you can promote the people behind your brand. Doing talks as the owner of the business is a good example. Letting employees tell their stories in short videos and social media content is also known to be effective. Similar to building communities, the secret here is staying genuine with the people-related stories you tell.



Last but not least, you want to collaborate more in 2019. Collaboration allows your brand to reach more people and gain credibility. There are more opportunities to collaborate and they are all waiting to be explored further.

You can turn to influencer marketing as a way to collaborate with top influencers. Many influencers can help you tap into new audience segments, allowing you to expand your market reach while growing your brand. You can also build strong relationships with influencers and industry experts to collaborate in a more generic way. This is something that many successful brands – brands like Boosted and Dbrand – are actively doing.

You can also consider collaborating with brands whose products complement yours perfectly. Rather than doing promotional offers, produce content together and tell similar stories; these campaigns are more relatable and will capture the attention of more potential customers.

These unique branding ideas will certainly elevate your brand to the next level. Separating yourself from competitors and connecting better with the customers is achievable when you incorporate these ideas with other branding efforts for 2019, and now is the perfect time to get started with these campaigns.

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