5 Tips to take better care of their health

The 21st century has been a true battlefield for modern millennial women as they face every day with a number of challenges. The age of millennials has been rewarding in many ways, but it still doesn’t change the fact that women today have a bit too much on their plate – and want it all! Professional development, beautiful and youthful appearance, healthy body and mind, great social life, raising a family are just some of the priorities that millennial ladies embrace and strive to achieve. Of course, it would be great if there were a way to squeeze in proper self-care into this busy schedule. After all, so many responsibilities, as well as the sedentary lifestyle that usually comes from many women working in front of computers in this days and age, are bound to cause stress, which can only worsen the possible health issues.

So, what’s the secret for a healthy lifestyle for millennial women? The key to understanding healthy life today is balance! There’s no need to sacrifice any of your goals and aspirations as long as you take the time to breathe and actually take care of yourself. Nothing is impossible when you’re feeling healthy and energized. And there is always a way to make the most out of your day whilst taking care of yourself. After all, there’s no wonder woman like a millennial woman.

1. Manage your stress well – learn to organize and relax

Stress is considered the modern poison of society. And women are exposed to a great deal of it these days. It’s not that stress is a modern phenomenon, but stress is now much more intense and widespread than before. Stress has always existed. In fact, without an adequate (and healthy) level of stress, society wouldn’t have been able to move forward.

Acute stress is the natural response the body has to danger which triggers the fight or flight response. The problem occurs when, due to toxic work relationships, very demanding economic and social commitments, bad relationships, etc. stress becomes chronic and high cortisol and adrenaline levels become constant. The result is the intoxication which causes a series of symptoms that can become incapacitating.

Learn to recognize “the root” of your stress and confront it with a solution plan in the short, medium and long term. Organize your activities at work and at home and schedule a time for fun. This is essential to combat stress!

2. Get a medical checkup at least once a year

It turns out that with modern millennial life and its complications (obesity, stress and sedentary lifestyle), chronic diseases have become a serious issue among millennials and especially busy and accomplished women.

Some of these chronic diseases are cancer, diabetes, heart disease and mental health disorders such as depression and chronic anxiety. These diseases develop slowly and don’t show symptoms until very late in their development.

Having the good habit of visiting the doctor once a year for a conversation, a full clinical body examination and the use of some laboratory tests can make these diseases discovered early before they can cause any serious complications.

In that sense, it is always important to remember that even a gram of prevention is worth much more than a ton of healing.

3. Think about your eye health as well

Many millennial women spend a good portion of their professional and personal life in front of a computer. And while annual health checkups are somewhat habitual for modern women, a concerning percentage simply neglects their eye health, even with all that time spent glued to the screen. Just in Australia, the number of people wearing glasses is increasing considerably every day!

Not checking your eye health regularly can be dangerous in many ways. You may think that you don’t care and that you like wearing glasses. Well, glasses can definitely look amazing, but if your prescription is far from what you actually need, can you imagine what could happen as you drive a car or have to read a warning?

Therefore, take the opportunity to combine the classy look that glasses can give you with the proper eye care. Have your checkups regularly – then it’s easy to pick out the most gorgeous frame. It’s simple enough to look up 1001 Optical eyewear store online, and other similar services, as the millennial lifestyle and digital age allows for you to get your prescription and frame with just a click of a mouse.

4. Program yourself to sleep for 7-8 hours each night

Sleep is another victim of modern life. Many people today even consider sleeping as something one “has to do” instead of one of the life pleasures that’s in the same range as eating or having fun. As a strong woman who makes the most out of her day and chases her dreams relentlessly, you have the right to dream peacefully at night, too.

Not only does lack of sleep cause nervous irritability, lack of concentration and decreased productivity in life and work, but it also interferes with memory and proper functioning of your immune and nervous systems.

Each person has their number of necessary sleep hours, which varies between 6 and 9 hours per night. Find out what is yours and respect it religiously. Creating some small pre-bed rituals will help you make a healthy habit, look forward to bedtime and beat insomnia effectively. This can be a relaxing skincare routine, meditation or reading your favorite book – whatever works for you.

5. Proper prep beats seasonal colds

Seasonal colds and lack of energy are more common than you may think. These are not signs of weakness, as many ladies seem to tell themselves these days and proceed to ignore these issues. It’s your body’s natural way to complain about the weather and temperature change, especially if you’re not taking proper care of your health.

A simple way to beat this is to have your annual wardrobe prepared. It may seem silly, but keeping your clothes ready for the change of seasons will allow you to dress appropriately for the weather, which will definitely reduce the risk of colds. Moreover, regular physical activity is a must! You can easily get to 20 minutes of exercise at home – that way weather won’t bother you regardless of the season yet you’ll be strengthening your body and boosting your energy level effectively. Finally, don’t hesitate to grab some seasonal fruits and veggies. You have probably heard plenty of talk about a balanced diet already, but nothing can get your spirits up like a refreshing vegetable or fruit. So utilize the change of seasons and explore your options at the grocers!


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