5 Tips to Healthy High-Performance Habits

The coming of a new year is yet another perfect opportunity to assess the health of your daily habits. Set aside some time to determine what is working for you and recalibrate or even say goodbye to all your unhealthy routines. Successful leaders can obsess about minimizing the weakness in their lifestyle and it is something everyone can embrace.


Here are 5 suggestions for achieving healthier daily habits:

  1. Bring positivity to your work.

The first few days, you do anything that can bring a state of euphoria. Over time, this feeling wanes and the stress of your journey to success begins – you start experiencing obstacles and frictions. Bring in positivity with daily mantras, gratitude, and celebrate the little wins you have at the end of every day.


  1. Weed out decisions.

Every decision you make requires brain power. Intentionally, reducing the tiniest decisions you generate, can reduce your fatigue. Eliminating choices such as, do I start the coffee before getting the cup from the rack or do I put the sock on the left foot first or second?  Embrace living a bit simpler; it creates happier more productive days for you.


  1. Plant new daily habits.

Commit to creating new habits. Identify the tiniest things you could do the same way every single time you do it.  For example, my father opened the newspaper to the business news section first. He would never read the front-page news at the outset, even if it contained the biggest news story of the century.

These are seeds you plant in your day to develop familiarity and reduce the fear of the unknown. They create mini-paths to efficiency and lead to more profits.


  1. Stop to smell the roses.

Give yourself a break.  Many chemicals in your body are sprinters.  If you run them like marathoners, they will struggle. You will also have to drag in your day. Give them a chance to catch their breath and they will allow you to perform better.


  1. Tidy up your social media strategy.

Deep cleaning is a tradition many people do in welcoming a new year.  Why not add your social media strategy to the list? Eliminate inconsistent gaps in the timing of your posts and your message.  Create an action plan to fill the identified issues by using social media posting tools, outsourcing, hiring a coach, and learning new ways you can recycle your material better. A tidy social media strategy will reduce your stress and create more opportunities for success.

Over time, these minute changes will create healthy daily routines and long-lasting performance success for you.

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