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5 Tips to create a content strategy to increase sales

Every modern business needs a content strategy if it’s to remain competitive and even surpass its competition in the long run. The content you put out on a regular basis has two key functions. Both of which are essential to your long-term survival: better SERP ranking, and popularity with your target audience. These are two key drivers of sales and growth in the modern business world.

That said, creating truly effective content pieces that resonate with the hearts and minds of your target demographic is not an easy task. Especially when you have to think about SEO and how you’re going to integrate it into your strategy. Let’s break down these challenges into a simple yet effective guide that will help your content strategy drive sales.

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Start by identifying your audience

Every successful business venture started with meticulous market research, no matter how dull and uninspiring the process might seem. Well, this first is not about being creative or wowing people with your brand’s charms. It’s about digging up crucial industry insights and tailoring your content strategy accordingly. After all, there is a big difference between what quality content constitutes in your book and what it entails in the eyes of your audience.

You can start by identifying your key demographic. Figure out who your potential customers or clients are, and start building their avatars. Discover their likes and dislikes, and then dig around to identify the best-performing content in your niche. This is the content you need to improve upon, adapt to appeal to your audience, and fine-tune to portray your brand’s unique tone of voice and personality.

Write content with SEO in mind

There is no denying that your content needs to be consumer-oriented if you want it to incentivize people to make a positive decision. But that doesn’t mean that your content shouldn’t be optimized for search engines as well. In order for your customers to even get a chance to experience your amazing storytelling and fall in love with your brand, they need to first come across your content while browsing the web.

This is where meticulous SEO implementation comes in as one of the crucial factors that will drive content recognition. By implementing relevant keywords in every piece, you will effectively improve your standing in the SERPs.

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Diversify your content pool

Here’s a tip that always manages to knock people’s socks off. Written content is not the only content type you can create for your business. In fact, there are many content forms you can use in your content strategy – video arguably being the most powerful of the bunch. Video content is becoming increasingly popular across the globe, especially in highly-competitive regions, such as Australia.

The content marketing game has become so competitive in the Land Down Under, that every Sydney advertising agency worth its salt is now incorporating high-end video production in their marketing strategies. That will provide their clients with a competitive advantage and help them stand apart from other top players in their niche. Take this insight to heart and make sure you diversify your content offering as well, starting with video. Later, you can move on to podcasts, live events, webinars, and more.

Disseminate content across the web

Content dissemination is the equivalent of slipping people your mixtape anyway you can. You need to share your content across the online world via social media, email, guest posting, and more. The key here is to find out where the majority of your online audience resides, and post your content when they are most active. With that in mind, start by creating a social media strategy.

Complement your posts with engaging captions and copy, such as questions, excerpts, or interesting thoughts in order to incentivize conversation. Speaking of incentive, use email marketing to drive people to your website and connect with your social media accounts. Be sure to add SM buttons in every email to make the process easier, and offer special rewards to people who share your content on their own social media profiles. Lastly, strive to connect with other authoritative websites in your niche in order to earn valuable backlinks to your website.

Make your brand the star of the show

One last thing to always keep in mind when creating and sharing your content online is to make sure your brand is the star of the show. It can get pretty easy for amazing brands to lose their distinct flair in all the noise and confusion in the online world. So, there is a need to weave your brand’s identity into every piece of content you put out.

This way, the weary consumer will have something to hold on to, and connect with you on an emotional level. And you should know better than anyone that emotions dictate the shopping as well as the decision-making process.

In conclusion

Not long ago, sales and revenue growth were defined by the experience and expertise of the sales rep – the way they pitched, discussed, and closed the deal with the client. Nowadays, though, content is one of the most powerful marketing tools you can have in your arsenal. So, make sure to follow this guide in order to create a content strategy that will drive people to your website, and close the sale for you.

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