5 Tips for Starting Your Business Working from Home

Working out of your home has become a growing trend in modern business. Whether you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, or just trying to make some extra money, your home office is your business office.

Home-based employment means saving the time and money of a daily commute but provides a working environment where you can follow your own rules. Although you can be as comfortable and casual as you like, your home office still needs to be managed effectively if you’re going to be productive.

Here are some suggestions for turning your home office into a money-maker.

1. Get the Right Digital Tools

Traditional methods like whiteboards and post-it notes can help you stay organized, but digital tools make this easier. There’s always another productivity app to discover. Many are designed specifically for home entrepreneurs.

You can find tools for bookkeeping, creating professional documents, coordinating with other virtual teams, or filing for copyrights. When you determine a need for a certain type of app, do your research online to discover the tools that will meet your personal needs and budget.

2. Show What You’ve Got With A Great Landing Page

Every successful company maintains a website that’s available to your customers 24/7. This usually begins with a landing page that makes a great first impression on consumers interested in your product or service. The quality of your landing page is important to converting visitors into purchasers.

A good landing page has simple designs and layouts so your prospects have no trouble navigating through your pages and content. It should include tags, headers, and keywords that describe who you are and what you do. The information you provide should be concise and easy to locate.

You should also be sure to incorporate SEO tactics into your content so your page is easier to find in search engine listings. Be direct and honest, without vague descriptions or promises. A good landing page will communicate clearly what your offer is and how it provides value to your audience.

3. Manage Your Home Office Like a Corporate One

Many highly successful corporations started small as a home business. Ideally, your home office should function as efficiently as any large commercial enterprise. Surroundings that are casual and comfortable should not be allowed to encourage procrastination or laziness.

A spare room you can dedicate to your business is the best location, but if you have to claim the corner of a bedroom or the living room be sure your work doesn’t intrude on any other occupants’ lives. You want to minimize distractions or conflicts.

Be certain that the area you choose has adequate lighting, especially natural sunlight, sufficient outlets for power, and a comfortable chair and sturdy desk. You may also want to add a few pleasing details like photos of children, inspiring posters, or a potted plant or two to maintain air quality.

It’s also a good idea to do regular maintenance, such as checking cables, cleaning, and reducing clutter. Regular anti-virus scans wouldn’t hurt, either. You want your work environment to be both pleasant and dependable to minimize stress.

4. Use Social Media to Strengthen Your Brand

Social media platforms are an excellent and affordable way to gain some attention for your brand and learn more about your audience. Promote your brand on at least one social media network and engage audiences in conversation. By making regular and interesting posts, you’ll keep drawing more attention.

The active members of the major social sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter number now in the billions, providing easy access to a huge audience. If you can gain a large following, your company posts will be seen by hundreds or thousands of followers, and perhaps shared with many more.

There are many social networks you can choose from. Try not to spread yourself too thin, or you could become overwhelmed just trying to keep up with user activity. Instead, focus on one to start with that provides the best channel. Establish who your ideal customers are, which social platform they prefer, and the content they will most engage with, such as videos or storytelling. Regular updates will help maintain interest, but your message should stay consistent. Engage your followers by providing useful information and encouraging feedback, but be prepared to answer questions and respond to criticism.

Look for industry and social influencers, such as leading bloggers, famous CEOs, or celebrities. These people tend to have large audiences. If you can connect with them, can grow your own social media reach significantly. Ideally, you want multiple influencers, and an army of loyal followers, who will become brand advocates and spread a positive view of your brand on their own.

5. Build Brand Loyalty by Giving Away Freebies

Another effective strategy for building brand loyalty is to give away freebies and promotional items. These freebies can be physical, like a t-shirt, or digital, such as an emailed coupon or link to an eBook. When these things are emblazoned with your own company name, they keep your business in the recipient’s thoughts while providing additional value.

There are almost limitless items you could use and ways to promote them. You could share links to helpful tutorials or videos on social media, offer a discount coupon on your website for new newsletter subscribers, or advertise limited giveaways of baseball caps, mousepads, or anything else you can buy in bulk and distribute. You can also give them away at events or on special occasions.

Even offering merchandise or discounts can be a great return on investment considering that what you’re really buying is brand loyalty.

In summary, working from home can provide a terrific opportunity to expand your income or launch your own startup. Preparation starts with your own dedicated work area. It should be kept orderly, comfortable, and well-lit to help you stay productive. Once you’re up and running, there are numerous strategies such as effective landing pages, social media, or promotional items to develop your audience and drive business growth.

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