5 Tips for how to do DIY PR

Nina Clark recently launched her own sleepwear brand Nightire | The Urban Sleepwear Co. Made of 100% bamboo, a super soft fabric that is temperature regulating, anti-bacterial and great for the environment, it’s sleepwear made for sleep. She shares how she has been organically spreading the word about the brand left, right and center. 

I launched Nightire Sleepwear at the end of last year. It was born out of a personal quest to understand sleep, and all that it entails, a bit better. Like many folks I know, I have this thing called can’t-always-shut-my-brain-off-to-go-to-sleep syndrome. I overthink everything and am that person who constantly makes lists in my head and who worries about things that I can’t change; all while lying in bed at night waiting for sleep to set in. This led to a few years of having a rather patchy sleep routine. I began doing research into what could help a person sleep better and tried to apply it in my nightly routine: using black-out blinds, taking a relaxing bath, using no screens in the room (i.e. goodbye to Insta-sessions right before bed), and trying anything I could to keep my body temperature on an even keel. That included buying the right sleepwear, which, in turn, got me to focus on an industry that seemed like it had some room for innovation (and a bit more personality), which is how the idea for Nightire came about.

The brand has been up and running for 5 months now and has grown only organically, seeing as I have a small (i.e. next to non-existent) budget for marketing, so have had to be creative with how I get the word out there. Here are my top tips for doing just that:

  • It is 100% who you know, so meet and greet as much as you can. You never know how some contact might help you out somewhere down the line with regards to putting you in touch with the right person or for brand collaborations. Network like there is no tomorrow.


  • Social media is now the way of the world, so embrace it. Specifically, interact with and engage with people on social networks. Again, people buy from people, so they want to know more about you — the person behind the brand, the story of the brand. They want to know WHY they should bother with your brand, so get out there and be human, be real, be relateable. Don’t try too hard — be ‘social’ on the social networks.


  • Be transparent and honest when it comes to the budget. There is no shame in admitting that you are starting out with next to no money to spend on paying for influencers or for an advertorial — people appreciate the honesty and might very well do you a solid for coverage with no investment whatsoever. Otherwise – trade exchanges work like magic – offer them something of yours for what you want of theirs, and you’ll both come out winners.


  • Make sure your brand message falls into the right hands, otherwise it will just fall on deaf ears. Ensuring that you have a clear idea of who your end consumer is, will help to clarify which influencers and media titles should be approached, as one will then know what kind of media this ‘ideal customer’ likes to consume.


  • When pitching to a journalist, find a piece that they have written, that you love and know a bit about, and then plop a reference to it into your intro email. It’s good for their ego, shows you care enough about your interaction with them to take some time to prep & it’s not just a stab in the dark.

Hope this helps you to be able to confidently tell all and sundry about your amazing product, service or just about YOU.

If you’re interested in more Nightire, do have a look at our website or catch us on the ‘Gram.

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