5 time-saving apps for busy working women

While the gender pay gap is an ongoing problem, women are gaining ground professionally, which is reflected by the huge progression in opportunities for female entrepreneurs in recent years.

In our increasingly busy, often work-centric lives, the time has become precious, particularly if you’re trying to maintain a healthy work-life balance. This makes it all the more frustrating when the valuable time is wasted trawling through emails, waiting in traffic, or sitting through pointless meetings.

Fortunately, technology has the answer! Here are 5 apps to help save time in your busy working days.

  1. ETA

Traveling to and from work is a big part of the daily grind, in fact, on average, we spend around 100 hours a year commuting! How much of this time is spent stuck in traffic, or waiting for delayed buses or trains?

ETA is an app designed to combat these delays, by keeping track of live traffic conditions and providing transport updates. The app is nice and simple to use and centralizes travel times, hopefully saving time during busy commuting hours.

  1. Mailstrom

Picture the scene: you’ve just come back from vacation, had a quick catch up with Tina from human resources and are at your desk with that first cup of coffee. Then, your inbox happens…

We waste so much time sifting through emails, and fortunately, there are several apps designed to streamline this process. Mailstrom is a particularly effective time-saver, using AI to group together related mail, so you can delete hundreds and even thousands of emails in one click!

  1. RescueTime

It’s important to take regular breaks during the working day to both refreshes our minds and exercise our bodies. What’s not quite as productive, however, is procrastinating for long periods of time online.

RescueTime is a tool designed to help with time-management, showing you exactly where every hour of every day is spent. The sheer shock factor of seeing how much time is wasted is a great way to help manage distractions, ultimately saving time that is better spent elsewhere.

  1. WebEx Meetings

For those of us who work in offices, meetings can be a real drag. Often hours can pass by when you’re sitting in a meeting room, in fact, estimates suggest that over 30,000 hours of our working lives are taken up by meetings!

While there is no amount of technology that can improve the quality of meetings, Cisco’s WebEx Meetings app is an excellent tool that enables you to easily join in meetings on the go, meaning you can still get the vital info without sacrificing useful time.

  1. Brewster

If you attend a lot of events or do business with a large number of clients, it can be quite difficult to manage your address book, particularly with so many points of contact across a variety of platforms.

Brewster brings together all of your contacts from different platforms, such as LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Facebook, and email, and collates them together into a single location. As this app updates in real time, the contact info you have should never be out of date either.

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