5 Things a Video CMS Does — That Video Conference Tools Don’t

Videos connect instantly!!

That has become the prime reason for their popularity in enterprise ecosystem. The enterprises have started to adapt to videos for knowledge sharing, training, and enhanced productivity.

Imagine how burdensome and irksome life would have been if you were to rely on loads of hard disks, CDs, Sharepoint sites, and LAN folders to store all the video content. Sounds terrifying when we think about all the space it would occupy and pain to maintain, share and keep them secure.

Video Content Management System comes to the rescue here.

What is the need for a Video Content Management System?

Existing systems like CMS, LAN, LMS and video conferencing are not sufficing the enterprise needs. A robust Video CMS is capable of

  1. Supporting HD video files that are even bigger than the maximum file size of SharePoint size of 50 MB.
  2. Finding a search string in the transcript of videos.
  3. Supporting multiple file formats to keep it readily available for viewing.

Video CMS industry is evolving and has gone beyond just a video sharing platform. The current Videoconference tools like Skype, GoToMeeting are capable and versatile but have their own set of limitations. Video CMS tools are developed and customized to fill in the gap.

  1. Internal training videos

Enterprises always have an internal training team for multiple verticals. With multiple office locations spanning global boundaries, it becomes tough for the training team to stay connected but with Video CMS, initiating a conversation is a walk in the park.

The Video CMS is capable of recording and facilitating live interaction. While the quick brainstorming sessions can happen over the Video CMS, its store video links can be used at liberty to get access to detailed training materials. The videos can be edited, automatically transcoded and batch uploaded.

  1. Hold big conferences

Have you ever been part of any conference over the internet? A conference for an enterprise or a community generally surpasses the limit of users who can join over video conferencing tools.

The video CMS is capable of allowing quite a significant count of users who can enjoy adaptive bitrate streaming that ensures best video playback despite slow internet speeds. The Video CMS identifies the speed of viewer internet in real time and delivers the video stream well matching that speed.

  1. One tool solution

For recording your web conferences, you need all kind of recording equipment’s like voice recorders and video recorders to make an impactful video that can be shared across.

A Video CMS supports multiple devices for recording and is capable of synchronizing the PPTs along with the video recording that ensures a high-end professional video. The videos are automatically transcoding into different formats suitable for mobile, desktop and tablets.

The videos can be trimmed, mixed and synced to other videos to develop an optimized video without shifting it from software to software impacting its quality and integrity.

  1. Video analytics feature

Web conferencing tools are great but never do they record or dwell the analytics of a video. For enterprises, it becomes very vital to understand how these videos or live stream benefiting the organization are.

The only way to capture that is through the Video analytics feature that lets the Video CMS keep a close track of audience engagement and relevant statistics. Some of the Video CMS offer native mobile apps that can completely change how the employees and employers interact and share knowledge while on the move.

  1. Live-streaming and instant uploads

Capable of live-streaming and uploading the recording of the same in batch to the Video CMS, within minutes, it is a perfect tool for enterprises.

Town halls across the globe, investor interactions, conferences and all are streamed live and then made available to the audience who could not join in. Using Web conferencing tools never facilitated recording and instant uploads for further view especially for huge files.

Only authorized access to these Video CMS allows enterprises to be flexible around this model. With encrypted data, security is never a point of concern for the Video CMS. Video CMS has opened up a new dimension of data handling for enterprises.

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