5 Team-building activities your employees won’t hate

If you want a company with employees who are ready to put all their creativity and hard work at your disposal, you need to create good business ethos. This is where team building comes in. However, by picking the wrong team-building activity, you might create a countereffect by having your staff doing something they strongly dislike. So, to be on the safe side, here are five team-building activities your employees will actually enjoy.


Play together

It might sound childish, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. After all, when we were children, making friends was as easy as sharing a candy bar or going down a slide together. There are many games you can play with your employees, so just set the date and have them choose the game they want to play. It can be a different game every time, or you can repeat some of them if you notice that your employees’ response to it was particularly positive. Have a scavenger hunt, organize a paintball battle or play the mine field game in a nearby park. You can even play jeopardy or any other quiz game. Fun activities like these that will increase your staff’s productivity, so make sure you build up their positive attitude, since it will reflect on how much and how well they work.


Join your efforts for a charity

There are many ways to collect money or things for a charity, and there are many people and organizations in need of help. Get together and have everybody suggest who to help, and then the best way how. Although you might be working towards gathering some sort of resources, don’t forget that that’s not the main goal here. Bonding with your co-workers and staff is what you want to achieve, so make sure all the activities are oriented towards that. You can organize a collective garage sale, check with your local pubs if any of them would allow you to have a quiz night or a karaoke competition there, or you can clean and restore a playground or the benches in one of your city’s parks. This way you’ll create the feeling of unity while doing something useful for the whole community.


Turn to nature

There’s nothing that can boost your collective mood and improve your concentration like some outdoor time. From spending an afternoon hiking in the countryside, to going camping for a couple of days, being in fresh air will make your employees happier and healthier. And if you decide on a camping trip, have your staff work together from the very start by finding an interesting online camping sale and picking the best camping equipment and other essentials as a team. Build a campfire and roast marshmallows, play the guitar and sing, or tell funny or scary stories, just like you did when you were kids. These activities will contribute to a good atmosphere while camping, as well as at the office after you go back.


Have a theme day

Anything from wearing costumes on Halloween, to a bring-your-pet-to-work day can lift the spirits of your co-workers, and this is something which can be done easily as often as you see fit. Whether you dedicate the day to an era, a phenomenon, book or a popular film, the diversity you’ll introduce to everybody’s workday will help you all bond, cheer you up and have you working together with great verve. If these don’t sound interesting enough, ask your staff what their hobbies are and have everybody present theirs on a monthly basis, so that everybody can try doing it. It can be fun to try things like knitting, making jewellery, carting or even parachuting and it could also stimulate everybody to function better as a team.


Visit a seminar together


Signing your co-workers up for a seminar could be a great idea for more than one reason. Not only will you be able to strengthen the bonds between your staff members, but this could also be a great form of professional development. Most of you attend seminars individually to grow professionally, but by taking part in this activity as a group can improve the way you collaborate at work. However, it doesn’t have to be a seminar or a lecture on anything tightly related to your business. If there is a topic most of your employees are passionate about, you can find a lesson about that, or you can all go to a creative workshop or a foreign language course together.

Finding smart and enjoyable ways for your employees to collaborate at work and outside it can prove to be very beneficial for your business in the long term. So, follow these tips and choose the best team-building activities for your staff.

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