5 Services Every Business Should Have on Call

When you are operating a business, you do not have time to put out every fire that arises on your own. You are, by definition, a busy entrepreneur. Delegating and outsourcing tasks are what you do best. So, you need to have certain third-party companies on speed dial for when the occasional emergency strikes. The following are five such services providers you want no further than a phone call away at all times.

A Professional Cleaning Service

You are planning a huge in-house event at your office next Wednesday. Unfortunately, the office has not been thoroughly cleaned in quite some time. There is dust everywhere, stains on carpets and the person you normally call for janitorial work is out of town. Fortunately, a top-rated cleaning service can get your entire office sparkling in no time at all.

Your Lawyers

There are times in every business-owners life when a situation arises where you need to consult with a competent lawyer or two. When it comes to your business, you want lawyers who you can bother any time: day or night. Ensuring the legal footing of your company is an essential part of your being able to confidently operate your business. You’ll obviously want lawyers focused on business processes and liability, but you may also consider finding a lawyer like Randall A. Wolff & Associates, Ltd who can help with company car accident issues too.


Your company is holding a high profile event in a couple of weeks. There will be lots of people and maybe even a few celebrities too. Wanting your guests and investors to feel safe at your establishment, you jump on the phone and get ahold of a security company you have had good success with using in the past. They let you know promptly that they will be there in force to ensure everything that goes on at your event will be closely monitored and any trouble will be met with a swift response team.

Your Plumber

It never fails, the toilet in the bathroom at the end of the hall has flooded the floor again. Unfortunately, you have never been one to like cleaning up that kind of mess. This time around the pipe behind the toilet has burst, and you have a real emergency on your hands. But, Frank the plumber, a local with an excellent reputation, has never let you down in your time of need. He tells you not to panic over the phone because he will be there in no time at all to fix your plumbing woes.

Heat and AC

It is the middle of winter, and your office is so cold that you can see your breath. Your heating system is on the fritz again, and your employees are starting to complain about the third time that their fingers are numb. But, because you are a resourceful business-owner, you have a contract with a local heating and AC repair place that said they would have you up and running in the next hour or two. Meanwhile, you are feeling warmer inside knowing that another excellent service provider has your back in your time of need.


There are many service providers for all kinds of business-related needs. From legal issues to heating problems, having professionals on call to keep your business in good working order is a must. This is why your business always seems to land on its feet, no matter what the crisis happens to be.

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