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5 Secrets To Running A Successful E-commerce Business

Currently, 51 percent of Americans prefer to shop online. 96 percent of Americans have purchased products online at least once in their lifetime. While the US e-commerce industry is growing by 23 percent per year, still 46 percent of American small businesses do not have an e-commerce website. So, the businesses with ecommerce websites to sell their products are getting a competitive advantage over the companies that do not have any ecommerce website. If you own a small business and planning to sell products online through an e-commerce website, you must know these five secrets to running a successful e-commerce business:

1. A User-friendly Website

If your site takes too long to load and it’s hard for visitors to move from one page to another, you will lose customers every day. So, having a great look and feel, easy to navigate features are must to make your e-commerce business successful. Visitors should easily find the complete details of the products they actually want to see. There should have relevant recommendations shown every time a visitor check a product. The site must be mobile friendly as a huge percent of users these days buys products using their phones. Finally, the checkout process should be easy and straightforward as well. The more payment methods you support, the better it is. All successful e-commerce websites have user-friendly websites. There are service providers like GreenWing Technology that can help you with all the technical aspects of your ecommerce business and leave you with only core activities to do. One great way to know the perfect website for an ecommerce business is researching major competitors in the market.

2. Market Data

You need to have a perfect understanding of the needs of your customers. Knowing the purchase habits and demographics of the customers, the level of competition in the market, the strategies of top competitors and similar other things are must for any e-commerce business to succeed. So, you need access to authentic market data to make a well-informed decision. Similarly, not having authentic market data will always be a huge disadvantage.

3. Use Of Social Media

These days, almost everybody uses one or more social media and spend a considerable amount of time on social media. Successful e-commerce business takes advantage of this habit of consumers by advertising their brand on major social media. In addition to advertising, successful e-commerce businesses maintain strong social media presence by posting about different products, communicating with customers and answering their questions. You can simply check the activities of your major competitors on social media to understand how you can approach your social media campaign to promote your products.

4. Business Automation

Running an e-commerce business involves so many activities, and if you want to do all manually one by one, it will be almost impossible for you to handle increasing number of orders. Successful e-commerce websites use various premium software to automate scheduled activities. So, look out for best e-commerce automation software and have plenty of free time in hand to focus on the core activities of your business.

5. Investment In SEO

Search Engine Optimization should be a top priority for any e-commerce business. Successful businesses invest huge money in getting good organic traffic through a major search engine like Google. You need to know what are harmful SEO practices and must avoid those. At the same time, you need to do competitor spy and get links from the sources of links of your competitors. Successful e-commerce business rank well on major industry and product related keywords. Nothing increases sales than organic traffic from search engines. User-friendly website, strong social presence might be the first stages in having a well-functional e-commerce business, but in the long run, you need organic traffic from search engines.


With the technological developments, more and more people buy products online. So, you need to understand the opportunities available online and launch ecommerce business for your existing products. You can also go for completely online business without having any existing offline business. Either way, you need to ensure you keep the above-mentioned 5 secrets to running an ecommerce business successfully.

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