5 Reasons you should be using Influencer Marketing


Every business owner understands the importance of advertising, but not so many turn to Social Media Influencer Marketing. So why use Influencer Marketing?

Here are five reasons why Influencer Marketing is worth investing your advertising budget:



Native Advertising

Let’s just admit it. No one likes ads. Yet, you keep pushing it in hopes to boost sales, interrupting user’s experience. We see so many ads each day that we are unconsciously turning them out, a phenomenon called “banner blindness”.

In contrast to traditional advertising, native advertising places products within the organic content. It creates an authentic appeal and a more pleasurable experience for consumers. Influencers are a tool to put your brand in front of your target consumers in a native way, generated by an Influencer to align with their own feed that their followers love and trust.


Authentic Content

You don’t need to worry about creating your ads when implementing Influencer Marketing. In fact, you shouldn’t. Influencers are very aware of their audience and are marketing experts themselves from building their own brand. Spending hours to generate content, keep up with current trends and engage with their audience some Influencers even turn it into a full-time job. Influencer Marketing campaigns rely on Influencer’s expertise to create a quality content to capture their audience’s attention. Doing so ensures that sponsored content is authentic to Influencer’s style and creates an organic conversation.

People trust Influencers and the brands that they promote. I have personally found through research that I am now conducting, that a majority of Influencers would not promote products they don’t like even if the compensation for doing so is high.


It is very targeted

Decisions without data or no way to measure consumer response to your advertising campaign are shots in the dark. For decades advertising was limited to shooting in the dark with traditional media, with no information about audience reach and impact.

The digital world is different: every like, impression and comments can be tracked and analysed. With new analytic features on Instagram, Influencers are able to analyse and optimise their social media presence. Thus, in a case with micro Influencers, their audience is typically very targeted to a smaller specific niche.


It helps your SEO

On top of building your brand’s reputation and increasing awareness, influencer marketing also boosts your Search Engine ranking. According to The Social Media Revolution 25% of Google search results are influenced by user-generated content on social media. The more people talk about you on social media, the more relevant your brand is to Google search results.


It is cheap

Many people get blown away from implementing Influencer Marketing by its prices. How can you pay $150 per post on a page with 10,000 followers? You can, and it is actually cheap. In fact, Influencer Marketing is building its momentum, meaning the prices will skyrocket in the nearest future.

Think about all the work Influencer is doing: from talking to followers to creating content for you. Previously mentioned reasons to use Influencers alone add value to this advertising method, with Influencer ads generating higher returns on investments as much as 11 times of banner ad ROI. Another study found that Influencer Marketing is generating $6.50 for every dollar spent.


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