5 Reasons to Mention Your Competitors in Your Content

Many people shy away from mentioning their competition in their content. It’s understandable –  you want the audience to focus on you and your product, not the other guys. But is mentioning the competition always a bad idea?

You might be surprised to hear that it’s not a bad strategy at all- it can even help you set yourself apart from the pack and strengthen your content. Here are 5 reasons why it’s okay to mention your competition in your marketing content.


Your Audience Already Knows About Them

You might think that mentioning your competition could send customers in another direction to learn more about the other brand, but there’s a pretty good chance your audience already knows about their other options. Most consumers will do research before making a purchase, so mentioning another brand probably won’t be giving them new information.


It Shows Confidence

So, you believe your product is the best option on the market? Then you shouldn’t be worried about the others. Mentioning your competitors shows consumers that you have confidence in what you do by not shying away from talking about other brands.

Fast food restaurants like Wendy’s often mention competitors confidently along with a message about why they’re the better option.

It Improves the Quality of Your Content

Being brave enough to bring the competition into the conversation can open up a lot of avenues to make more compelling content. Your audience doesn’t want to read a million repetitive blogs and tweets about how fantastic your product is. But if you create content that adds value and presents information honestly, they’ll be more likely to trust you and come back for more.

Cell phone carriers like T-Mobile do this really well. Instead of trying to hide the competition, they compare themselves to others on the market. In this map, users can look up any address and see which provider has the best coverage in the area.

Creating a comprehensive buying guide can be another great way to present the information. Be transparent and provide useful content that will help your audience make their decision.

And great content won’t only help you rank higher in the minds of your customers – it will also help you rank higher in Google searches.


It Attracts Attention

People love to watch the drama unfold. When you create a controversy by calling out a competitor, people will pay attention. And when they share your content or even just reply, you’ll get some new eyes on your page.


It May Appeal to a Larger Audience Base

Sometimes, companies that offer similar services actually target different demographics. Pointing that out can make you more appealing to your audience. Are your customers part of the young, artistic crowd? Play into their emotions and show them that the competition is too dull.

Take a look at this ad from Apple – they spend little time discussing actual product features in favor of the crowd appeal.

When done right, mentioning your competitors can enhance your content. And if you do it with confidence, you’ll have another tactic that will get people to pay attention and generate interest in your product.


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