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5 People You Need At Your Startup

Creating a startup is hard work and assembling the right team might sound even harder, but is crucial in order to succeed. You need to bring together a group of people, each with it’s on talents, that will complement each other strengths and work around their weaknesses.

The Creative Genius

One of the key members of a team is a creative, someone who will think outside the box, a person that will come up with new ideas and help find solutions to problems when others don’t think it’s possible. This is the player that will push you and your team to thrive for more

The importance of the creative genius is that he is always innovating, and he is the person willing to take risks in order to follow his vision and make your company grow.  He is the player in your team that believes in your product and has the passion to keep you positive when obstacles come ahead.

The Architect

Just like you need a creative person to come up with new ideas,  when building a startup you need someone that will help them come to life, and that is when you need an architect. This is the voice of reason inside your team, the one that will let you know if the ideas can be executed or if it’s too risky for your company. He is the counterbalance to the creative genius, as he focuses on the details and doesn’t get carried away by the emotions.

An architect is the person that plans ahead and makes all the necessary questions in order to implement the vision. How much will this cost? How long will it take? How can we make this more efficient?,  He is the one that knows what needs to be done, but needs other members to realize his plans.


The Creator

This is the person who is ready to get down to business and the one with the technical skills to build your product. The maker takes the information provided by the creative genius and the architect and puts it into action. He is considered to be the central nerve of your crew, as his job is to develop  the vision into reality.

You might think that having someone with technical knowledge is more than enough, but a maker has to work as part of a team, because skills alone are not the key to make sure that the product or service is delivered on time and  up to standard.


The Organiser

A manager or leader, the organizer is the person in charge of the protocol. He is the one who keeps the team focused and insists on timelines,  budgets and the correct process to follow.  His job is to take the crew to the goal, to keep things running as smoothly as they can, and to provide support when energy is low or difficulties come by.

Like his name says, they organises the team, he knows how things are going and when they are going to be done, every startup needs a person like this, because they are process oriented and will guide through the operation.


The Salesman/Marketer

You might have an incredible idea but you need someone able to sell it. A marketer knows how a product will work on the street as he understands the market and how customers work. A salesman knows how to deliver the product to an audience.

Sometimes startups forget about the importance of the salesman, because they believe that their idea is so good that it will sell on it’s own, but marketers know how to get investors,  because they present the product in an innovative way, and they are also able to appeal to the public because they are aware of their needs.  The key to selling a product to show others why they should want it, and more importantly, making them need it.

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