Increase Employee Productivity

5 Management Tactics to Increase Employee Productivity

Effective employees are the most important business asset for any company nowadays. Ensuring employee productivity and engagement is vital for reaching business success. However, no employer or manager can simply expect employees to become productive. Instead, they must encourage them to become so and inspire, as well as motivate them to be efficient at their work.

This task oftentimes falls on the managers to accomplish. With the right management tactics in place, you can easily improve the overall mood and performance of your employees. Still, in order to get there, you’ll need to invest a lot of effort and dedication. Therefore, here are a few management tactics to increase employee productivity.


Focus on flexibility

As a manager, you must realize that your employees have personal lives as well. Nowadays, it’s quite difficult for employees to achieve proper work-life balance and it’s up to managers to help them get there. You can start things off by focusing on implementing more flexibility in the office. For instance, flexible working hours is a good example.

Allow your employees to leave early or come in late as long as they manage to finish their daily tasks. Moreover, allow them to work from home when they need to. That way, they’ll have more flexibility to focus both on work and personal matters. The more you help your employees achieve work-life balance the more productive and grateful they’ll be.

Appreciate their good work

Recognition is a very good motivator for employees. If your workers know that their work doesn’t go unnoticed and unappreciated, they’ll become more productive. Showing appreciation to employees is a good way to boost their morale and also a good way to encourage them to remain efficient at work.

Showing appreciation can be public praise in front of other workers, but be mindful of employees who don’t like public recognition. In that case, you can invite them for an interview and thank them in person or simply send them a personalized email to commemorate their accomplishments.

Offer personal rewards

Personal rewards can go a long way in boosting employee productivity. Receiving a reward for a job well done is always a good way to both show appreciation and encourage employees to continue being productive. You can reward employees after completing a business objective, reaching a milestone or after overcoming a difficult challenge.

Moreover, you don’t have to do anything extravagant concerning the rewards, even a simple gift will do fine. For example, you can reward them with a gift card, such as a Hong Kong debit card, so they can treat themselves to something they want. Make sure your rewards have significant meaning though so that employees don’t take it the wrong way.


Involve them in decision making

One of the surest ways to encourage more productivity from your employees is to value their ideas and opinions by allowing them to participate in important decision making. Not only will employees have more responsibility in your company, but they might also offer a fresh perspective on how to proceed with business operations.

Your employees may not have the corporate mindset but they might have good ideas on how to reach important business goals or how to overcome particularly difficult obstacles. Your employees will become more productive and they’ll try to prove themselves in their new roles.


Invest in your employees

Investing in your employees is always a good way to motivate them further and ensure that they’re productive. When your employees know that you have their best interest in mind and that your company will properly take care of their well-being, they’ll become more loyal, engaged and productive. A good way to start is ensuring your employees have proper benefits, such as health insurance, retirement plans, job security and so on. In addition, you can invest in employees further by offering them additional training.

That way, your employees can learn new skills or hone their existing ones. That will help them become more efficient at work and ultimately more productive as well. You can provide them with an opportunity to attend seminars or courses of their choosing. Moreover, make sure you let them know that they have an opportunity to grow in your company. That will foster productivity, as employees will know they have to prove themselves, in order to rise in ranks and reach new or better job positions.


It’s not easy to encourage employees to become more productive. Good cultural fit, work environment and conditions are only the groundwork for productivity. It’s up to managers to utilize their skills in order to motivate employees. With a good tactic in place, managers can create an environment that inspires and fosters employee productivity.

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