5 Main Fashion Trends Of Fall/Winter 2019

The fall has officially begun and it’s time to move away from summer outfits. This season is all about dramatic contrasts, variety of styles, a pinch of androgyny paired up with comfort, chic and punk vibes. If you are struggling to find some inspiration or wondering what you can add to your wardrobe, here are 5 main fashion trends of fall/winter 2019-2020.

  1. Go monochrome

More and more designers turn for a clean, minimalistic and monochromatic style, but don’t think for a second that monochrome equals boring.  It’s not just about white or black color. This season you get to play with any color of your choice – bright, bold and screaming loud, like fuchsia and scarlet or subtle, classic and more muted ones, like beige or khaki. Emporia Armani, Fendi, Sies Marjan created attention-drawing, candy-like looks built around one color, experimenting with shapes and shades. To add a more dramatic effect you can even color- match the accessories with the clothes.

  1. Suit up!

The popularity of a power suit is growing rapidly and now it is officially a fashion trend. A typically men’s attire can look incredibly hot and sexy on a woman. However, in this season it’s not just about sexiness and hotness – it’s about power and variety. You can literally find a power suit that will easily fit into your wardrobe as there is a wide range of options to choose from: non-traditional, boxy, slim-fit, over-sized, classic, extravagant or belted waist, cleavage or no cleavage. The majority of the power suits that appeared on runways were pant suits, but there were some exceptions. For example, Thom Browne present a preppy and elegant combination of a crisp white shirt, checkered jacket and coat with a grey midi skirt.

  1. Coats and capes

In most parts of the world temperature drops down during fall and winter, and people take out their warm clothes. Let’s be real, when cold wind blows, you want to keep yourself warm as much as you want to look stylish and chic in your own way.  Fortunately, this season super-long and flow-y coats along with capes appeared in a lot of runaway shows. This piece of clothes will perfectly compliment both extravagant eveningwear and something more casual and day-to-day like. The abundance of styles, shapes, fabrics and patterns shown at the runaway was almost overwhelming. However, there were some commonalities: fur coats, like the brown one from Massimo Dutti’s collection, patterned – houndstooth, checkered – or, vice versa, monochrome coats appeared in several collections of leading fashion designers.

  1. Dark florals

When you think of floral prints, the first thing that usually comes to mind is something light, airy and of pastel colors. Well, for this fall/winter it’s quite the opposite. At the runway shows several designers, including Paco Rabanne, Prada and Marc Jacobs, presented outfits with high contrast between black background and bright, colorful floral print. Forget about flow-y and baby-doll like styles and channel dark romance energy by mixing bold florals with strong silhouettes and dark background palette. You can add some spike-, punkish accessories like Alexander McQueen did for his blue roses dress.

  1. Leather, leather and more leather

The instability of the world made us all want to cover ourselves with spikes and thick fabrics for protective purposes.  Altuzarra, Bottega Venetta used leather pants in luxurious and chic outfits, showing that leather can be elegant too, while Celine took a step further and presented black leather culottes paired up with knee-high leather boots. At the same time a lot of designers drew inspiration from punk. And what fabric screams “punk” louder than any other? Leather. Alexander McQueen channeled grunge and rebellious vibes with the heavy biker leather coat. This season you may want to incorporate some chains, spikes, metal and leather into your outfits. Military, chunky boots might be a good addition to your wardrobe too.

This fall/winter season offers some cool trends to play around and experiment with, no matter what style you prefer.

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