5 Insights on Becoming a Better Freelancer

Today, becoming a freelancer sure is a great idea. You can be your own boss and work from the comfort of your home. These are the reasons why more and more people decide to ditch their 9-to-5 jobs and start working as freelancers. Still, if you decide to do the same, you always need to strive to become better at what you do. And if you’re wondering how to do this, here are 5 insights you’ll be guaranteed to find useful.

Don’t be afraid to say “no”

If you’re like most freelancers, you probably find it too difficult to turn down a job. Maybe you don’t want to disappoint your client or you simply don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to earn money. No matter what your reasons are, you should think twice the next time before you say “yes” to a job you find too difficult. First of all, a job like this can cause stress which is your no. 1 enemy when working from home. Moreover, a job that simply isn’t for you is going to take much more time than you usually spend working, which is never a good thing. And when doing something you usually do, you might even be able to earn more money for the amount of time.

Always have the client sign a contract

Many freelancers don’t really get what they’re supposed to do with their contracts. Some of them choose not to have their clients sign contracts which is never a good idea. On the other hand, some of them get caught up in unnecessary clauses and lose both time and energy on their contracts. So, how exactly are you supposed to put together the contract for each job? We recommend covering some basics such as the work you’re supposed to do, payment terms and who has the rights to terminate the contract. This way, writing your contracts is going to be a real piece of cake and you’ll still have all the basic terms in place.

Keep looking for new job opportunities

Since earning money by freelancing is never going to be easy, you should always keep looking for new job opportunities. So, for example, if you’re a web designer, registering on every website where you can acquire new clients is something you simply can’t go wrong with. Just make sure you know all the rules and regulations of each website you use to search for clients. On top of this, you can try to keep an eye on job opportunities that differ from what you usually do. For example, you can now get paid to take surveys online and earn some money on the side. Doing this can turn out to be a great choice since you can take surveys on the weekends or during breaks from the work you usually do.

Focus on the right now

If you want to become a better freelancer, you simply have to set your goals right. While there’s nothing wrong with having big goals for the future, we still recommend that you make weekly or monthly to-do lists and make sure you achieve all of the goals you include in these. Only once you’re sure you can achieve all of your short-term goals should you start aiming at something bigger. For example, building a respectable client list is a great way to start. And you don’t even need tons of different clients since your most loyal clients will keep coming back if they’ve already liked your work. Eventually, you’ll see your client list expanding and you’ll be able to set some bigger goals such as hiring someone to help you with your work.

Always try to get a down payment

Another mistake many freelancers make is not getting a down payment. You should always try to do this in order to reduce the risk of you getting stiffed by a client. Even though this happens very rarely, there are some freelancers who’ve done a lot of work only to end up not getting paid for their services. But if you require 50% upfront before you start any official work, you’ll be able to rest assured you’re not working for free. Many people require the second half of their paycheck to be delivered before they send the final version of their work. Of course, this doesn’t have to be the case with clients you’ve already worked with and you’re 100% sure they’ll pay you for your services.

Even though these insights might be exactly what you need, there’s still nobody better than you to determine what’s right for your freelancing career. Start implementing all of the things we mentioned above and you’ll see how it works for you. Keep improving both your services and the ways you get your work done, and you’ll see your freelancing career flourish.

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