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5 Habits of Highly Effective Business Travelers

Not everyone is a wanderlust enthusiast in their core, especially when it comes to traveling for business, but the least you can do is ensure that you make the most of your trips. Even just a handful of preparation tips can completely transform your otherwise stressful travels into a much more organized experience. It’s all about finding the right amount of control, saving time, and choosing the right essentials to bring with you.

Whether you’re always catching up with your clients, changing time zones to make it to that incredible conference, or organizing workshops to spread your knowledge and skills, there’s so much you can do to simplify your travels.


Master the art of packing

When it comes to those sudden business trips abroad, it can become difficult to go through the entire packing ritual that allows you plenty of time to choose, dry-clean, press, and pack the right items for the occasion and the given weather. That’s why some business folk like to have a designated travel set of basic wardrobe essentials such as a wrinkle-free cotton button-down shirt, a sleek jacket and a pair of “haute” denim jeans that can easily be worn both in flight and to a meeting.

Also, when it comes to your hygiene basics, frequent travelers can benefit from keeping a pre-packed set in your carry-on luggage. Just make sure that the amount in the bottles and tubes is within the prescribed limits for flight.


App up your schedule

Since we live in an age when we’re using apps for pretty much everything, from meal-prepping, monitoring our daily steps, all the way to booking, why not make the most of it and use a handy application to keep track of your travel agenda? Certain apps such as Evernote let you stay in the loop with your work by taking notes, while others are designed to track your spending and take care of other budgeting aspects of work travel.

Then again, don’t forget that you have Uber to book rides, Airbnb to book accommodation, and Google Maps to find the best routes in your destination. There are literally dozens of handy apps you can use for free while you’re traveling, so make sure you read up and download before you book your next flight.


Use your frequent traveler perks

You may never truly need to use your “frequent traveler” discounts, but they can truly come in handy and make your travels all the more comfortable. After all, companies like to reward their loyal customers, so there are always bound to be certain discounts and perks that come with your busy itinerary. For example, if you do join a frequent flier program of an airline company, you can rest assured that you’ll get a chance to upgrade your travel experience in the future.

Other options include using specific travel-friendly credit cards such as the AMEX Explorer card which is designed to give you more flexibility with your travel options, and security as well. For example, you get various types of insurance that come with the card, $400 in travel credit per year, and many other financial and loyalty perks.


Keep an eye on your health

What could be worse than traveling and getting sick during your trip? This is a realistic outcome especially if you travel to a different time zone or a different climate, which will disrupt your sleep schedule and your metabolism. In order to make sure that you’ll stay healthy and have the energy to spare, it’s wise to consider health supplements and a travel-friendly meal plan to keep your body in excellent shape.

There are various healthy protein bars that will not spoil or melt during your trip, and you can make your own healthy snacks and keep them at hand as soon as you arrive. On a different note, many people experience back pain and muscle soreness from lengthy flights. To prevent or at least minimize that, you can pack a simple tennis or a lacrosse ball to place under your feet or thighs and massage the pain out.



It’s almost impossible to maintain the same level of productivity when you’re on the go. Instead of insisting on finishing the same number of tasks every day, you can consider transferring some, if not most of your tasks to your employees and team members. This may be difficult for impromptu flights, but it’s best to discuss the options with your team and see if someone’s available to take over a portion of your work while you’re away.

Chances are, they will be more than happy to help, since you’ll be away trying to sign on a new client, without enough time on your hands to work on everything back home as well. This will only add to your stress, and in order to give your best for any occasion, make sure that you create a system that works for you to put off and reassign work when you travel.

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