5 desk decor ideas to create the ultimate office

Let’s face it – if you’re working a full-time job, there’s a good chance that your desk is where you spend the majority of your waking hours! For this reason, you deserve to be able to create a space that’s not only productive and functional, but also a reflection of your personality. Make it one you’re proud to take a seat at! Even if you’re not an experienced interior designer, these desk decor ideas for your work space will get you well on your way to creating the desk of your dreams!


Desk plants

It’s no secret that indoor plants have really gained a cult following in the past few years. This trend is clearly still going strong, with huge indoor plant sale events on Facebook popping up on the regular.  On top of this, all of our favourite home decor stores are constantly releasing perfectly on-point fake plants in a vast variety of designs, ranging from woven hanging baskets to floor pots and everything in between.


A few great, low-maintenance options for the office include Cacti, Jade plants, Aloe Vera, Succulents and Ficus. Not only do these plants add a pop of colour and happiness to your desk, but many also improve the quality of the air, so it’s a win-win! If your thumb is not-so-green, even adding a couple of fake plants is sure to bring your desk to life, minus the commitment to trying to keep them alive! Kmart is a great place to start.


Instant photos

We all have those days when we’re grinding hard at our desks but wish we were spending time with our friends and family instead. Rather than letting a bad day get the better of you, add a little piece of home to your workspace!


Pin up some of your favourite memories and people in the form of instant photos. Even if you don’t have an instant camera, you can buy a photo printer for your smartphone to achieve the same effect. Perfect for those of us who have to take 100 photos before we get the perfect shot – no film wasted here!


Desk lighting

Never underestimate the power of good lighting! Adding some wisely chosen lighting is an effective way to add some vibrancy to your office space. For those who love the magical or bohemian styles, a string of fairy lights is a cute option with plenty of character! You can select bulbs in various tones, such as yellow, white or more blue to suit the mood and the rest of the space. You even opt for different shapes such as lanterns or stars.


Alternatively, you may be leaning more towards practical, less fiddly options. If this is the case, opt for a stylish desk lamp to improve the appearance of your desk. A lamp will also add to the functionality of the area by increasing visibility while working on your daily tasks. Go for brass look table lamps, or concrete base lamps with vintage globes for an on-trend decor option! If you really want to go all out, get yourself a fun neon light – bring the Summer vibes into your office with a bright pink flamingo!


Coffee and tea containers

Need to get your caffeine fix throughout the day and have a constant supply of coffee and tea on your desk? There are plenty of options to store your goodies to keep them fresh AND look good! Grab some mason jars (what aren’t these things good for?!), and some self-adhesive chalk labels to create cute, handwritten coffee and tea jar labels for a personalised touch.


If you love the vintage look, try to hunt down some biscuit tins (picture old-school Arnott’s!) to store your huge collection of tea bag varieties on your desk.


Handbag holder

Does your handbag take up too much space on your desk, but is also a guaranteed trip hazard if kept on the ground? Your beloved handbag might just be too precious to be dumped on the floor beneath you, or it’s just plain annoying to lean down to rustle through the bottomless pit of a purse to find your favourite lip balm.


If this sounds familiar, you may appreciate some alternative options! Buying a portable purse hanger is an easy alternative which you can carry with you anywhere you go. Just attach it to a desk or table so you can hang your bag onto the hook on the bottom of the device – genius!


Hopefully, these tips will help you begin crafting a space that perfectly reflects your personality and style. They’ll be sure to put you in the zone to craft your best ideas and convince everyone you’re well and truly deserving of ‘Employee of the Month’ status – the Monday blues will now be a thing of the past!

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