5 Cost-Effective Marketing Strategies For Your Small Business

The business world is becoming increasingly competitive but the good news is marketing is becoming easier. There’s so many ways you can build your business profile and the Internet is an important tool in your arsenal. Here’s 5 small business marketing strategies that won’t set back your budgets.

1. Start A Blog:

Sites with blogs can get up to 3.5x more traffic than those without! But it’s important to remember that quality content will transfer site traffic into business for you. Poorly written or uninteresting content is more likely to turn away readers as a thinly veiled marketing ploy. Establish yourself as a ‘helpful authority’ in your business area; offering tips and advice on things people expect from you. For example, a clothing retailer can easily blog about fashion advice and dressing for different seasons.

If you’re reluctant to start writing your own blog you can always look for opportunities to contribute to other sites with either expert tips or full articles. This also allows you to reach new clients who might not be aware of your business.

2. Email Lists:

They’re free to send out and used wisely can be a great way to keep in touch with your clientele. Nobody – including yourself – enjoys finding spammy emails filling up their inbox. But we’re often excited to learn of upcoming sales, new site posts or updates in your business strategy (such as introducing AfterPay). This strategy works very well in conjunction with a blog as it’s an easy space to keep readers informed of new posts.

3. Social Media:

There’s no ignoring the power of social media. Most people log onto a social media platform at least once a day, if not more. Facebook and Twitter are most useful for quick news like promotions, competitions and sales. While Instagram is the perfect avenue for showcasing your products, store or business in general. Social media can even be used to bring a personal touch to your business identity. Including photos of yourself at work or posting on relatable struggles like Mondayitis are quick ways to give your brand a sense of yourself.

4. Giveaways:

For the price of just one of your products or services you can now create some major consumer buzz. Running them on social media is even better. Have your followers tag a friend they would share the prize with and you can easily build your follower base. You get to sit back and relax in your cushy office chair while your brand grows by itself.

5. Build Partnerships:

If you have half of a service, like a mattress business, then get to know businesses working in the other half – such as home decor shops and interior designers. You can refer customers to each other’s businesses in a mutually beneficial agreement. This one is especially useful for local businesses as it builds on a sense of community and people are more willing to listen to recommendations from business owners they trust.

Not sure where to start? Give just one of these a try this month and track the difference.

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