5 Cool Gadgets to Help You Go Green

Do you love Mother Nature as much as we do? Then it’s time for you to show that you truly care. Take extra effort and participate in keeping the environment healthy and safe for everyone. How? Let go of those items and stuff that are not eco-friendly and shift to smart appliances that feature highly technological advances. These products will surely benefit the users as well as the environment giving the future generations the chance to see and experience the nature’s beauty. Below are some of the cool, amazing, and go green gadgets that you can try.



iBamboo is an electricity-free portable speaker dedicated for your iPod or iPhone. It is made from one of the most sustainable materials in the world, bamboo. This product has a simple yet chic design making it one of the most awesome products available on the market today.

The iBamboo speaker is made from a single piece of bamboo that is being cut to put a slot that will fit the size of your gadget. The speaker’s natural shape will help in amplifying the tunes in order to produce a pseudo-stereo effect. It is guaranteed to be lightweight and very durable. Each of the speaker units is unique or not identical as it is crafted from a natural material. A slight variation in the appearance can be observed but will still give a good quality sound.


Honeywell Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat

 Honeywell Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat allows you to enjoy home comfort and connection whether it’s locally or internationally. This device will give you the chance to have an easy remote access to any of your Wi-Fi enabled devices. It also comes with a unique application that allows you to have a virtual access to the thermostat settings of your home or office. This feature will help you save on your energy bills through instant remote adjustments via your smart devices such as a phone or an iPad. All your worries on forgetting about turning off the heat in your home and other stuff will be gone with the use of this programmable gadget.

The common model of a Wi-Fi programmable thermostat comes with a large and easy to read display. It also features an optional real-time clock and an automatic software update for better functioning. This really works well to enhance the comfort and control of every household.


Eco-Friendly Charger

 Eco-friendly chargers are also known as green chargers. These are automatic chargers that can be used in charging your phones and laptops. This amazing gadget has the capacity to check whether your device already needs charging or not. It will automatically start charging your device if it detects that the battery is already low. Also, it will automatically shut off as soon as a complete charge is achieved. This will ensure a great reduction in the power consumption to about 80%.

Some manufacturers of eco-friendly chargers also help the users to reduce the power intake. They even allow users to have a timer that will automatically shut down or standby depending on the selected interval or settings. Overall, these eco-friendly chargers help save and lessen the consumption of power and energy.


FreeLoader Solar Charger

 FreeLoader Solar Charger is an ultimate portable charger that can help power up any of your electrical or handheld device such as phone, tablet, or camera. A common unit of this solar charger can charge a mobile phone for up to 44 hours or an iPod unit for up to 18 hours.  It is best used for longer trips and travels especially for those who are working as a journalist, explorers, or just merely simple adventurers.

This charger is super portable and small making it easy to slide in your bag or even on your purse. It is made from tough aluminium materials for added durability that can withstand water, high impact, and even extreme temperatures. This comes with a stylish piano black finish for an added elegance and design. The FreeLoader Solar Charger comes in different models depending on your needed capacity.


Eco-friendly Laptops

 A lot of laptop manufacturers have taken the initiative to create an eco-friendly laptop. This is to address the issue of the increasing number of worn out units that are just being dump causing harmful effects to the environment due to the presence of hazardous chemicals. The eco-friendly laptops commonly use biofuel and OLEDs or organic light emitting diodes. The cells in these units also use natural gas and environment-friendly fuels such as methanol.

Other laptop manufacturers are offering a unique laptop unit due to its biodegradable features. This unit is made from bamboo panels to serve as its external casing.  The bamboo laptop also houses an energy efficient interior that is The European Union Restriction of Hazardous Substances approved. This means that this laptop unit strictly restricts the use of any hazardous materials or substances in their electronic products.

Help save the beauty of the environment through proper knowledge and information. Be aware and responsible for your actions. Try to lessen or eliminate harmful waste by using eco-friendly stuff in your day to day activities may it be in a form of gadget or tools. With the fast-growing innovations in the field of technology, there are numerous eco-friendly products that you can try and use. Start caring for Mother Nature by starting with yourself and influencing others.

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