5 Casual dance inspired outfits for everyday look

Leaders of the fashion industry are always watching for the next hot trend. Many times the latest trends begin on the dance floor. Dancers look at clothes as part of the tools of their trade. They will wear items that do not restrict them, support their body, and allow them to stay comfortable. They are creative and they look great on the floor in their “practice clothes” or on the street.

In this article, we will address 5 casual outfits that are dance-floor inspired. The look is why people came, but the comfort is why they stayed.

5 Casual Outfits that came right from the dance floor

  • Sports bra

The sports bra is worn on the dance floor because it supports the breasts and supports the shoulders allowing the dancer to feel when their posture is weak. The look is sleek, sexy and casual. A dancer will pair this with a tank top, oversized or off the shoulder tee or under a jacket. It allows enough coverage to be worn outdoors.

  • Sweatpants

We all have them. Oddly shaped, extremely comfortable sweatpants. Dancers realize that their muscles must be allowed to gradually cool down after an extensive workout. They go through a series of exercises to relax the muscles, but keeping the muscles warm prevents them from cramping up. Sweatpants are a perfect choice. People love the warm, sloppy look of sweats. They are inexpensive and can be worn outdoors or as pajamas. Once you have fallen in love with sweats, you keep them forever.

  • Great looking sneakers

Hip Hop is a major part of the dance. Hip Hop dancers seem to defy gravity. Their moves are magical. All eyes are on the feet. Hip Hop sneakers are designed for dance. They are not department store sneakers. These shoes are a tool that moves when they need to and stops when they need to. Without the special attention to detail, a Hip Hop dancer could be seriously injured. The bright colors. various styles and comfort of the hip hop shoes inspired designers to make their own name brand sneakers for the public. This is a trend that has lasted for years and there is no end in sight. Also, have a look to the best shoes in the market.

  • Leggings and tights

When a dancer is perfecting his or her moves, the instructor needs a clear view of how they are moving each part of the body. This inspired the leotard. But, for comfort and warmth for the legs more was needed. Sweatpants cover the body preventing the instructor from seeing a landing or twirl in action. This gave birth to the trend of wearing tights and leggings. Leggings allow you to change shoes when exiting the dance floor. Oversized shirts hanging over skin-tight leggings became a look that got attention. Soon fashionistas began pairing leggings with dresses, shorts, and for many sports activities, like gymnastics, cheerleading, and skating. When the dancer is cooling down, you may see leg warmers placed over the leggings or tights for yet another comfortable and casual look

  • The Leather Jacket

 The leather jacket was first created for pilots in World War I, and it made its way through the military classes through World War II. Around 1950, Hollywood began dressing bad boy images in this rough and tumble look. Marlon Brando wore a leather jacket in Wild One in the early 1950s, and from there, most dance routines in the movies had the rebel wearing this sexy and easy to move in the jacket. In more recent history, the leather jacket worn by the late Patrick Swayze was auctioned off for $62,500. The leather jacket is an icon in the movie industry and its popularity has made it to the mainstream public. If you have an ounce of “coolness” in your body, you own at least one leather jacket.

You cannot separate the fashion industry from the entertainment industry. The two will forever be intertwined. As long as there are people watching the great dance scenes on the silver screen, they will adopt the fashion that goes with it. In every era since the early 1900s that has been true. We may not be able to do the moves that the dancer does, but we can look like we do and we will settle for that.

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