5 Benefits of wearing a team uniform

A significant part of branding identity is reflected in merchandising. No matter what the product is, companies always give consumers an indication of the company’s attitude through merchandising. Moreover, everything that goes into creating a brand are the things that remind us of that product and make it stand out in our minds.

Company logos are a big part of defining a brand and a part of merchandising. Another part of merchandising involves developing team uniforms that can be worn by employees, so they are easily identifiable as part of the team in the workplace. This is not only an opportunity to get the word out about your company, as uniforms are also a great way to ensure employees have dressed appropriately for work without imposing ridiculously rigid standards that require them to come out of pocket even more.

Continue reading to learn how team uniforms can help you to portray a positive company image to your clients and the public at large.


Paying Attention To Detail

One way to really convey your business’s image is to invest in embroidery sydney that advertise your company’s logo or some aspect of your company subtly. Usually, small logos work better to the left or right of the collar, and if there is a pocket, the embroidery can go on the pocket if it is small enough to fit comfortably on the pocket. Large messages should go on the back of the shirt if working with a shirt and not a polo.


Updating Your Company’s Look

Another important part of creating a team uniform is choosing the type of materials and fabrics to use. If you go to any chain restaurants or bars, you will almost certainly see servers and bartenders dressed uniformly, and this is a part of the merchandising that goes into attracting customers to the establishment. The fabric is very important because, if you are trying to appeal to certain customers, you do not want to turn them off with uniforms that look dated.

For example, using polyester materials (reminiscent of fast food workers in the eighties) in a sports bar might turn away customers who do not eat fast food. Instead, go into any contemporary chain restaurant to see what the servers and wait staff are wearing. These materials and their design usually reflect contemporary styles in uniforms and can freshen up your company’s image, giving it a modern lift.


Selecting Colours

Uniform colour is also important as well in selling the brand to the public. The colour of the uniforms should complement the design of logos and any colours used as a part of creating the brand. For example, employees working for the Body Shop wear their own clothing, but they are given a green apron with the company’s logo on it. The apron, the colour, and the logo all represent the company’s mission and platform to sell products that are not tested on animals. Whether requiring employees to wear an entire uniform or an apron, this message should be conveyed to the consumer as part of the company’s overall image.


Easily Identifiable

Team uniforms are easily identifiable to customers. In a busy store, customers do not want to have to flag down every person in hopes that they can catch up with a staff member. Team uniforms guarantee that your employees are easily recognisable in the store.


Cost-Effective Merchandising

Team uniforms can be an easy, cost-effective way to bring your brand and company image to the public. When putting a budget together for creating a uniform, consider keeping the designs simple. For example, many companies issue employees a polo with a graphic on the front illustrating their logo and then give employees a list of appropriate trousers that can be worn with a shirt. The cost of losing a polo is much less than an entire uniform if the employee decides to work elsewhere.


Choosing Function Over Style

Companies looking to create team uniformity have a lot of inspiration from which to choose. The important thing to remember is that your employees should be able to move around easily in the clothing, so while style might be seen as a priority, comfortably fitting clothing should be standard for all employees, regardless of their size. Ultimately, though, if chosen carefully, your business can adopt uniforms that are both stylish and functional and will help to further enhance your company image and branding.

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