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5 Appliances every office should have in their kitchen

Your employees spend a good chunk of the day at work, and you want them to be happy coming in. By ensuring you offer them a well-equipped break room where they can congregate to enjoy a break from work, you’ll also keep their productivity levels high. What’s better than taking a break to stretch your legs a bit, get a snack or a drink, and get back to your desk with your energy batteries recharged and ready to reach your KPI’s? So here’s what we suggest you should definitely install in your kitchen for the wellbeing of your employees and thus your business!

1.    Water Coolers

Everybody and their grandmother know the importance of proper hydration. Remind your employers of that subtly by installing a water cooler in your kitchen office. You can even add one to the open office. Bonus points for those with added filtration – because they ensure the water is clear and tastes great, and for those that can offer up hot water. If anyone’s meeting the deadlines, they might get nervous waiting for the kettle to do its magic, so they might reach for the water cooler!

2.    Microwaves

This is an absolute must-have in any office. Just like you want your employees to be well hydrated, you want them to be full when lunchtime comes. Not everyone will use the microwave, of course, as there are always people who will go for pizza or a delivery lunch, but you should provide the tool for those bringing their lunch from home. That’s a great way to save money (remember, everybody likes saving!), and just putting a microwave in the kitchen works as an incentive to do this. But apart from just reheating, you can also cook in the microwave; there’s plenty of ready-to-go meals that just need two minutes in the microwave. Your employees will certainly get creative, so let them eat whatever they want. You might not be aware of it, but this possibility is highly appreciated.

3.    Coffee Machines

For some, being at the source of good coffee is even more important than having access to fresh cold water. While we know we shouldn’t be sipping on litres of coffee per day, we hear you! Many employees love starting their day with a cup of joy; others cannot imagine an afternoon without one as it prevents them from falling into an afternoon slump. Your job here is to provide a good quality coffee maker and enough coffee grinds or capsules! Of course, take care of the machine, so it lasts longer and doesn’t break. Maintain it regularly and replace parts in due time. You can order Breville parts from the Australian company and make sure your coffee maker makes the office happy for a long time!

4.    Toasters

Ah, toasters! Assemble your sandwich and toast it as they would in a cafe (and charge double the cost of the material). This is another essential appliance for the office kitchen. Toasters are small, compact, portable and easy to clean and maintain. Their biggest appeal though is in the food they enhance a million times! We’ve even seen people frying eggs and steaks on a toaster. A versatile little tool that will probably make your employees happy – get one asap!

5.    Refrigerators

By no means are refrigerators the least necessary appliance, but we had to order them somehow. Whether your employees pack their lunch at home or buy bread, butter and ham in the store to keep it in the office throughout the week, a fridge is crucial for their food staying fresh and tasty. The size of the fridge depends on your office: if only a few people work there, you could do with a portable mini fridge; on the other hand, if there are dozens or even hundreds of employees, you will need a larger fridge, maybe even multiple fridges in the kitchen. Rest assured it will always be full! Just be upfront about the fridge rules, and empty it every Friday afternoon. No one wants to be greeted by a spoiled meal somebody forgot weeks ago.

There you have it – guidelines for an office kitchen designed to keep your employees full, alert and happy. Don’t forget plates, bowls, mugs and cutlery, and enjoy the hard work everybody’s doing well fed and stocked up on coffee!

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