4 Workflow mistakes that could sink your startup

you’re starting a new company, everything you do will impact the way your
business grows. The workflow you create now will likely be the one your employees
use for years to come—which means that, if your workflow doesn’t make sense,
your business won’t succeed. Most workflow mistakes are easy to avoid if you
plan ahead, pay attention, and prioritize efficiency for you and your

Failing to Plan Before Creating a Workflow

you start looking for a way to make your process more efficient, you need to
have an actual process. Take some time to write out each step needed to
successfully complete a project, from client consultation to product delivery.
After you’ve mapped out everything you need to accomplish, you’ll be able to
identify which tasks will benefit from a standardized workflow. 

Creating Processes for Tasks That Don’t Need Them 

your business is large or small, too much bureaucracy can bog it down. Some
tasks require accountability, so it makes sense to ask your employees to fill
out forms and follow procedures as they complete their work. But if the task is
small, routine, or a given part of your employee’s workday, asking them to
follow a specific process can take valuable time away from their actual

Setting Up Too Many Notifications

are only helpful if they notify you of something useful. As an employer, you
may be tempted to set up notifications for every client email and processed
payment. It’s important to keep tabs on your business, but your attention is
limited. Make sure that you’re only receiving notifications for things that
actually require your attention, and you’ll find that you have a lot more time
to get actual work done. 

Failing to Refine Your Processes Over Time 

The workflow that helps your startup succeed may start to
hold your business back in a few years. As you notice yourself or your
employees wasting time on a previously efficient tasks, don’t be afraid to make
changes that free up everyone’s time. The point of a good workflow is to keep
everyone on track and make work easier. If a process isn’t accomplishing this,
let it go. 

In the modern day, there are many different workflow strategies you can use to
refine your processes. From project management software to mobile ready
digital contract creation
, paperwork that used to hold businesses
back can now be accomplished in a fraction of the time. Plan ahead, implement
new strategies when you need them, and stay open to change. Your new startup
will take off in no time.

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