4 Ways to Make Your Business More Secure

As a business owner, you need to use whatever precautions are available to protect your business assets from thieves, both during business hours and after hours as well. There are many different aspects of security to consider, but these four tips or securing your commercial property will get you off to a good start.

Limit Access by Securing Points of Entry

Door locks are your first line of defense against thieves and vandals. While you should of course have basic door locks and deadbolts on all entrances, there are some additional measures you should take.

First, limit the number of keys out there by using do-not-duplicate (DND) keys. These are just basic door lock keys that have the words “do not duplicate” imprinted on them. If an employee or finder of a lost key takes them to a locksmith, they will not be allowed to make duplicates. Push-button code locks offer an additional layer of security by requiring alpha-numeric codes to open the door. These can be electronic or purely mechanical in nature.

Card-key systems from companies like Arapahoe County Security Center Inc are even better than the above measures because they allow additional information to be recorded in case of security issues. Every employee will have a unique card linked to an account that tracks their times of entry. Different employees can have higher or lower security clearance to access different areas of the facility with their access cards. Biometrics take things a step further, using handprints, retina scans and other methods that are nearly impossible to duplicate artificially.

Install Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) Systems

Security cameras are another effective line of defense against intruders. Sometimes the presence of cameras itself is enough to deter thieves or catch them before they can get too far inside, assuming live security personnel are monitoring activity.

Put in Burglar Alarms and Motion Sensors

Alarms are another necessity for any business. Doors and windows can be set up so that alarms are set off whenever they are opened after hours. Most burglars will turn and run once an alarm is tripped, but silent alarms can also be used if you want to catch the intruders in the act and apprehend them.

Security alarms can be set to notify local security forces of a break-in, or they can automatically trigger a call to the police department to have officers sent to the scene.

Hire Security and Allow Police to Act as Agent

Once security and law enforcement arrive there is a good chance that the intruders can be captured and brought to justice, preventing them from coming back to try again another night. Be sure that your security provider and local law enforcement are authorized to access your property in your absence to scare off trespassers and to take into custody anyone who appears to be breaking the law.

Securing your place of business against criminals is one of your highest priorities as a business owner. Be sure to employ the above methods and to consult your own security experts to make sure that your facility is as secure as possible against thieves.

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