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4 Ways to Boost Results and Meet Your Marketing Goals

As technology continues to advance, and digital marketing along with it, businesses are struggling to stay competitive. Are you having trouble with your marketing strategy?

Here are four proven ways to improve your campaign and meet your marketing goals:


Start Testing

The single, most important way to improve your marketing strategy is testing. Usually, this means creating two groups, testing them against one another, and interpreting the results for future reference.

For example, if I’m trying to find my key demographic, I might create a Facebook Ad Campaign for testing. In this campaign, I’ll have two identical advertisements. One advertisement will target middle-aged women. The other will target middle-aged men.

Assuming all other factors remain the same, my click-through-rate will determine which group had a stronger reaction.

If the first advertisement performed best, I’ll know to target middle-aged women in the future. If the second advertisement performed best, I’ll continue to target middle-aged men. If both groups performed comparably well, I might change my target demographic to middle-aged adults.

Sometimes, during testing, you learn things about your target audience that you never considered before. These insights will lead to a healthier, stronger marketing strategy.

Use Social Media

Social media is becoming an increasingly popular marketing tactic for small and large businesses alike. Indeed, brands like Buzzfeed and Airbnb have platforms like Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook to thank for their success.

On social media platforms, you can be authentic, share your ideas, and post information about your products without breaking the bank. You can also collect essential data about your target audience that will improve your marketing strategy moving forward.

Get Blogging

If you don’t already have a blog for your business, it’s time to get started.

Start by brainstorming authority blog topics. What do your customers need to know? What are some common questions you’ve been asked in the past? Develop a new post for each topic, and publish on a regular basis, usually weekly or monthly.

After publishing, share your articles on social media platforms to increase visibility. And, for extra traffic, answer related questions on Quora or Reddit – then add a link to your blog article for more in-depth reading.

For examples of what a quality blog should look like, explore Etsy, Officevibe, and Furthermore.

Learn SEO

Many business owners are frightened by SEO. While it can certainly be frightening, it can also make or break your marketing strategy.

Since there’s nothing worse than guessing how optimization works – and a handful of articles won’t provide nearly enough information – consider investing in a professional guide.

It’s important to remember that, no matter what you might read, you can’t take shortcuts with SEO. More than ever before, search engines want quality in every listing. If you don’t provide that quality, you can’t hope to succeed.

Your ultimate goal should focus on long-term results. Don’t stuff keywords, pay for inbound links, or publish poorly-written articles in bulk. Instead, conduct thorough keyword research, consult an expert and think carefully about your content.

Marketing can be overwhelming, but that’s no reason to give up. Master these strategies, and you’ll see your results improve in no time.

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