4 Tips for an eco-friendly Christmas

If you’re concerned about your carbon footprint this December, but don’t want to compromise on the fun, here are 4 top tips for an eco-friendly Christmas from SCR Group that won’t harm the planet or your Christmas cheer.


The office Christmas tree

While plastic Christmas trees are relativity inexpensive, they are made from a combination of unrecyclable materials that can be potentially hazardous to your health and the environment. Why not opt for a non-traditional Christmas tree, one that you can seamlessly move back into the space after the festive season.


Recycled Wrapping Paper

When it comes to office gifts for your work colleges you can reduce a significant amount of waste by using recycled wrapping paper or give your gifts a personal touch by wrapping them in newspaper, old magazines even your children’s old artworks – and wherever possible, recycle any wrapping you receive.


Deck the Halls

Instead of buying new decorations each year, look at revamping the decorations you already have. By decorating, painting or even simply covering your old decorations, you are not only going to create something truly unique, and eco-friendly, but you can also save money, packaging and energy.


The gift that keeps giving

Unfortunately, a considerable number of the gifts given this Christmas will end up in the back of the wardrobe or worse, in landfill. This year make a little extra effort to see that any unwanted presents go to good use. Recycling is easier than ever with organisations such as SCR Group offering drop-off hubs for unwanted clothing, handbags, accessories, toys and shoes.


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