4 Tech trends that can turn your office into a tech-savvy heaven

While a lot of people talk about the ambition and the money as the main motivator, for millennials, there’s something more important. Namely, the ambiance of the place they work in, the interpersonal relationships and the overall vibe of the place may play a significant role in the way in which your company is seen by your employees. Now, one of the simplest ways to make your company into a place where people dream of working is to turn it into a tech-savvy haven. Sure, this may sound somewhat complex or intimidating, yet, there’s nothing simpler than pulling this off. In fact, all you need are four simple tech trends.

Wireless ceiling charger

The first thing you need to understand about the modern business world is just how pivotal people’s phones are. Nowadays, people use their phones to communicate with people back at home, check whether they’ve left their appliances (iron or stove) on and a myriad of other activities. Other than that, people also use their phones for work, which is why the majority of your team (if not everyone on your squad) has an app of your collaboration tool installed. For this to work, nonetheless, these phones draw a tremendous amount of power. Therefore, getting a wireless ceiling charger may resolve the issue of power sockets and chargers within the office once and for all. Other than that, this kind of futuristic device will get your office a title of tech-savvy in no time.

Personal tablets

The next thing you might want to consider is the efficiencyof your company’s hardware system. Sure, laptop and desktop setups are standardin most offices, however, why wouldn’t you consider getting everyone on yoursquad a personal tablet, as well. Keep in mind, nonetheless, that you needsomething that A) can efficiently run all your corporate tools and B) fits yourbudget. Let’s face it, getting everyone a personal tablet is a huge plus butit’s hardly a necessity. In order to check out industry prices and standards, you can just go to a reliable online retailer like Personal Digital and see what they have in offer.

Ergonomic chairs and desks

Nowadays, people are leading much more sedentary lives thanever before, which is why the position that one sits or stands in has a majorimpact on one’s health. This is why a conscientious employer might want to makethe acquisition of ergonomic chairs and desks into a top priority for theiroffice. With the right chairs, pelvis, spine and neck of your employees willassume a much more natural position, thus helping a lot of your employees avoidback pain and all sorts of back issues. As for desks, the height of the deskdecides the angle at which your employees look at the monitor. Due to the factthat different employees have different natural height, what you want areadjustable desks. In fact, you can even get some of those adjustable standing desks, thus giving your employees an option to check this out on their own.

Insist on dual monitors

In the era of multitasking, nothing is more pragmatic thanhaving more than one screen in front of you. Keep in mind that some people simply aren’t comfortable with multitasking, nor should everyone be, however, just because you’re using two screens it doesn’t mean that you’re handling two tasks at once. These days, you can getan extra set of monitors cheaply online, thus allowing your creatives to lookat resources while doing their tasks, thus not having to break concentration. Needless to say, this also helps programmers and analysts (an immense boost toproductivity). The simplicity and the ROI of this trend are simply staggering.

In conclusion

The last thing you need to understand is the fact that by making your office high-tech, you’ll demonstrate two things. First, when it comes to boosting productivity, your first choice is to invest in tools instead of goading employees. Second, you care about your staff so much that you want to see them equipped with the best of the best. Each of these two reasons would be enough to go for these tasks but together the choice to go for these trends becomes an even greater no-brainer.

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