4 Strategies to Get Your Product into Consumer Hands Faster

As a business person, you are familiar with the process of starting a company and creating a fabulous widget. Many people, however, have successfully started a business based on a great idea only to watch it wither away. The best ideas do not always translate into product development rapidly enough to meet customers need for items about which they know nothing yet. Planning using these methods may assist with your products progression as well as the progress of your business.

Utilize Advanced Production Techniques

Regardless of the product, the use of innovative technology is essential to the rapid and precise production of goods. The use of computer topography, laser precision cutting tools, 3D printing methods and artificial intelligence fast-forwards the process of creating the product to place in the hands of your customer.

Be assured your competition is already using similar technology to compete for the same customer’s business. If manufacturing is your business, make it a point to read trade-related articles and search not only for the latest manufacturing techniques but also for ideas not yet developed.

Invest in Your Employees

Employees who feel valued are far more productive and loyal than those who get the message that they are there simply to fill a production slot. Instilling value not only needs to come from the top, it needs to make it past your mid-level managers who often manage to derail the message. Forbes Magazine points to employees feeling a proud personal bond with their company brand as a key factor to a successful business.

Make a point of engaging in pointed and candid conversations with your front line production staff. Publicly acknowledge and reward the people who not only manage your workers but the workers themselves. While often hearing lip service offered about what a great job they do, front-line employees seldom receive specific rewards showing they are valued.

Use a Third Party Source

There will be times when it might be faster to use a specialized service to help with the creation of part of your product. If you need sheet metal as part of your product’s manufacturing, for example, you might use a spot welding company to help you get what you need faster than you could yourself. With whichever third-party businesses you end up working with, make sure that they have a clear understanding of your deadline. However, you should be willing to negotiate the time frame if the other party deems it more realistic due to what the process of helping your business out would entail.

Know Your Customers’ Needs

Get to know your customers. Often, a customer knows what they want, and can tell you what they need in general terms. It takes a thorough knowledge of your customer base to decipher what they really need. Striking a balance between their stated wants and what is actually needed takes talent and experience.

Do not be afraid to engage in small talk with your customers. You will make them feel more at ease which, in turn, gives them the confidence to confide their concerns and help you discover how to give them the product that will relieve any concerns as well as assure yourself a lifelong customer.

All of these techniques serve a unique role in assisting your goal of getting products to consumers faster. While each takes some time to develop and implement, it will be time well spent to create a lasting business with rapid service.

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