4 Strategies Businesses Should Implement to Attract Modern Female Consumers

Discerning and discovering your target demographic is the first step towards an effective marketing program. If you have decided women are your primary demographic, then you have some specific strategies to consider. Women are a main marketing demographic and can be easy to reach if you look in the right places. Businesses should consider implementing these four strategies to appeal to the modern female customer.

Focus on “Me Time”

Many women must balance their family lives with their personal and work lives. This can get exhausting, so a winning strategy for appealing to women is by appealing to their desire for “me time.” For example, you can invest in advertising that shows how your product helps women have more time to themselves. If you provide women with the feeling of being valued for themselves, as individual people, your marketing strategy is almost sure to be a hit. In many ways, the secret is not to treat women that differently from any other marketing demographic. Treat them like real people, with their own hopes, dreams and wants. You will likely be surprised how effective this strategy will turn out to be.

Host Events That Have Multiple Purposes

Women don’t have much time to spare and excel at multitasking. Because of this, they tend to gravitate towards events that benefit them in multiple ways. When holding a marketing event, consider crossover appeal for women. For example, if your store sells footwear aimed at women, your event can both expose women to quality shoes and explore how the right footwear can help advance a woman’s career or aid her health. You could also choose a complementary subject, such as a fitness center holding a health culinary event. Don’t be afraid to differentiate yourself from the competition by hosting an event that is not the norm for your industry. For example, instead of a shoe store hosting an event revolving around shoes, it could have someone speak on some other topic of interest for women.

Focus on Sharing

Social media makes sharing information about your business and products much easier. The most popular platforms also skew heavily female. Although it is important for all businesses, regardless of target demographic, to be on social media, it is even more so if you want to reach women. Encourage sharing and the creation of a community around your product, like Nu Skin does with its iTunes app. Women do tend to want to tell their friends about great, effective products they discover. Because of this, utilizing social media and client referral programs to their fullest extent will likely help you.

Don’t Forget Families

Many women have or want to have families, so it is not out of place to gear advertisements towards women with families. However, many modern women do not want children, and instead would rather have pets or just a partner. It’s simply important not to generalize. Advertise for both, and you will attract women on both sides of the fence. To advertise effectively, consider how your product or service would be desirable by both women with families and women without. You may have to essentially run two marketing campaigns, but do not assume all women want the same thing. Women will be impressed that you treat both desires as equally laudable. This will help you earn the business of moms and non-moms alike. More ads recently have been targeted to young single women, and audiences have responded well to them.

Women can be reached just like any other marketing demographic. Companies need to realistically understand what women value and what they want. Target female customers with the above strategies, and you will likely draw their interest.

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