4 SEO Strategies Startups Must Get Right

There are many entrepreneurs these days who wish to launch their own business onto the market. Running a business these days is quite challenging. As a startup owner, you have to make your way on the market, while competing against well-established and better-funded businesses. The fact of the matter is that the online market is oversaturated and highly competitive, which makes it difficult for startups to reach their target audience and make a name for themselves.

However, just because running a business is challenging, doesn’t mean there aren’t enough ways to stand out. With the right strategy, even new businesses have a chance of outrunning their competitors and succeeding in the market. The key is search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is a cost-effective marketing strategy that can boost visibility, awareness and credibility of your startup online. But, you have to do things the right way to get the best out of SEO. Therefore, here are a few SEO strategies startups must get right.


Keyword research

Keywords are crucial for every SEO strategy you plan on implementing. They are words or short phrases that help your content match user intent. They also help search engines understand what your page content is about. Therefore, if you want your individual pages or pieces of content to rank well on search engines, you must rank for the right keywords. This strategy must be conducted the right way. Otherwise, you will waste both time and resources ranking for irrelevant keywords that won’t drive any traffic back to your website.

That’s why it’s important to conduct thorough keyword research. For example, try to identify keywords your target audience most commonly uses when searching online. You can also rank for long-tail keywords, such as nutritious dog food, for instance, to combat the high volume of simple “dog food” short-tail keywords. In addition, you must check out what keywords your competitors rank for, in order to devise a strategy that will help you outrank them.  


Local business listings

Many startups often times first try to establish their presence on their local market, before they expand further. However, even the local market requires a good SEO strategy to help your business stand out. Local business listings are crucial for startups businesses, such as restaurants, stores, service providers and so on. After all, you want your audience to be able to find you locally. Features, such as Google My Business are excellent for getting your local business listings in order.

That includes location, address, open hours, phone number, other contact info and so on. Local SEO requires a good strategy and if you’re unable to do it right on your own, you should consider getting some help. For instance, if you open up your startup in Hong Kong, you should look for SEO services in Hong Kong to help you out. Local SEO also requires a good content strategy among other things, to help boost your local reputation and visibility. That’s why it’s important to get it right from the start.


On-site and technical SEO

For every business today, a website is the most important factor. Website performance and optimization play a vital role for both your rankings and for customer satisfaction. That’s where on-site and technical SEO come into play and these strategies must be done right. Technical SEO focuses mostly on website performance. For example, website speed, mobile friendliness and security are considered ranking factors, but they also influence customer satisfaction, which is another ranking factor.

As for on-site SEO, it focuses on optimizing your website content and pages to be both user and search engine friendly. That includes optimizing tags, tiles, URLs, meta data among other things. Also, you must take care of redirects, duplicate content, 404 errors and other things to make a browsing experience on your website more enjoyable for visitors, as well as help website crawlers index your pages properly.



Content is the most important strategy for any business and not just for startups. Developing your own content for a content marketing strategy has to be done absolutely right. You simply cannot make a mistake here because if you get content wrong, both your SEO efforts and your reputation online will go down the drain. Content is crucial because it delivers value to customers in form of entertainment, information and education.

If your content doesn’t have relevance or the quality, it simply won’t be effective. Content is also the most important ranking factor alongside backlinks. In terms of SEO, content can be used in guest posting and link building. Publishing great content on reputable sources builds your domain authority, while good quality backlinks drive traffic to your website and link to other interesting content as well. These efforts are designed to build awareness and engagement with your customers, as well as help you extend your reach on the market.


Nowadays, the importance of SEO continues to grow. Without good visibility and awareness that SEO can provide, businesses have little to no chance of succeeding on the market. That being said, startups that leverage SEO must get their strategies right from the start or risk wasting their time on efforts that won’t produce any viable results.

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