4 Revenue-Hurting Security Issues and How to Defend Your Business

While you likely know how important security is for your business, you may not recognize its connection to revenue. Certain issues can leave your company open for attack and can ultimately drain you of potential profits. Here is what you need to know:

Neighborhood Safety

Even if these assumptions are unfair, customers are likely to at least partially judge your business by the neighborhood that it’s in. In other words, if the neighborhood has high amounts of crime, potential customers may feel unsafe walking into your store, especially when the parking lot is poorly lit or a distance from the shop. While you may not have the ability to change your location right now, you can expand the parking lot, provide better lighter and station a security guard at the door. Bringing more people into the store means a greater chance of generating profits.

Data Defense

When hackers gain access to sensitive data about your business, they can cause complete ruin. They may use the information to make massive charges in the name of your company. Another issue that they could gain access to customer information. When customers’ have their private information compromised due to a lack of protective tools, they may never trust your business with their money again. Defending against such attacks is imperative and why you should use protective resources, like those from CYBERGUARD360.

Internal Issues

CIO reminds you that your biggest threats may come from inside the business. Former employees who are angry about the way things ended may still have enough information about the company to cause ruin. You could also have people working for you right now who are there to cause chaos in your business. Allowing only certain individuals to have the most private information and conducting proper interviews are two ways to guard against these issues.

Business Layout

Your own customers could be contributing to breaches in security. Consider the layout of your business. If computer screens reflect off of glass or are facing outward, then customers and anyone walking by the business could gain access to sensitive and financial information. Also, having all of your employees work with their backs toward the doors could lead to invasions of the business, thereby discouraging customers from venturing in because they feel as though the environment is unsafe.

Security issues can come in many forms. Your business may be compromised in a physical sense, or it might be in danger due to issues with online attacks. In any case, all of these issues can hurt your revenue whether unsavory people are gaining access to financial details or customers don’t trust your business to provide a safe shopping experience.

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