4 Project Management Skills Every Manager Must Have

Being a manager at a company isn’t easy work that necessarily everyone is capable of. In fact, it requires a certain skill set that takes years to accumulate. Not only do you have to manage a team of staff members, but you also have to ensure that projects take off the ground in an organized and professional manner. Below, are four crucial project management skills that every manager has to have.


As a manager, it’s crucial that you have good communication skills. Communication makes up nearly 90 percent of a manager’s job. You will need to communicate effectively with everyone from your employees to your boss. For example, if you are the manager at a construction worksite, you will need to be able to talk with your crane operators and the building owners with the same tact and clarity. After all, it is the manager’s job to introduce ideas, visions, and issues that your team should be focused on. Not being able to convey these messages can trouble your coworkers and prevent you from doing your job efficiently.


Leadership is the second most important skill that a manager should have to effectively manage projects. A rule of thumb to follow is if you can lead, you will deliver. If you cannot properly lead your team, your work will suffer as a result. This could end up meaning late deadlines and poor end products. Fortunately, if you need to improve your leadership skills, you can practice every day as your team’s leader.

Team Management

The next crucial project management skill as a manager you need is to be able to manage your team. Without this skill, you won’t be able to have a smooth workflow and ultimately lose the respect of your team. Have team management skills means being able to set goals, evaluate performance, resolve conflict, and delegate assignments. Usually, leadership skills and practice can help you perfect your team management skillset.

Personal Organization

To be an effective manager, you need to be personally organized. This means being able to separate your work life from your personal life. Have personal organization skills are important to stay focused on work and set yourself as an example to your team. Since this skill is a hard one to master, you’ll be able to improve on it over time as a manager.

Like we mentioned above, being a manager isn’t an easy job. However, as a manager, you need certain skill sets that enable you to delegate your team or staff members. Hopefully, with the help of this guide, you’re able to improve on these skills and set yourself as an example to others.

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