4 must-know tips for decorating your Airbnb

People choose to become an Airbnb host for a variety of reasons. For many, listing their space on Airbnb provides a chance to find financial freedom. Depending on the size of your space, the occupancy rate and your daily rate, you could be making anything from a modest side income to a comfortable full income.

Airbnb insights from OpenAgent have revealed how much monthly revenue Airbnb hosts have made across Australia. For instance, with a $208 average daily rate and 77% occupancy rate, Airbnb hosts in Hobart can make an average of $3740 a month. This works out to be a whopping $44,880 a year.

It’d be no surprise if you want to join the the thousands of other Airbnb hosts. You can choose to list a spare room, apartment, granny flat or entire house. However, even without a spare space, you can list your home specifically for the dates you know you’ll be away, or, can stay at a friend’s or family member’s place.

Curated artwork, lighting and accessories

Not everyone’s Airbnb is going to be able to stand out because it’s in the middle of the forest or it’s a heritage listed building. Hence, it’s important for you to find other ways to stand out against the crowd. Adding curated artwork, lighting and accessories is the perfect way to make your space unique.

The pieces you choose should work together to not only make your space look decorated, but to create a distinctive atmosphere. Being able to create a story allows guests to connect with your Airbnb, giving them an experience that they wouldn’t be able to find in their daily lives or in a different Airbnb.

Statement furniture pieces

On a similar note, you might consider adding statement furniture pieces to your Airbnb. These elements work well when combined with curated artwork, lighting and accessories. For instance, a statement jewel-toned sofa might work with an eccentric chandelier to create a regal scene.

Declutter and clean

When people visit an Airbnb, they expect it to look uncluttered and fresh. This is particularly important if you’re listing a space that you usually live in. Make sure to remove any personal items or have it locked away for the time being. If you’re running a relatively successful Airbnb, it’s a good idea to hire a cleaning service. Most guests expect to pay this fee.

Stock with amenities

In the same way that guests expect an Airbnb to be clean and decluttered, they’ll also expect it to be stocked with all the amenities they need, the same way a hotel would be. Make sure to keep separate amenities like towels, soap, tea bags and more for your guests. Being able to see these amenities will help people feel at home.

Overall, setting up your Airbnb can be a tonne of fun! Before you start, look into what successful Airbnbs in your area do. Gather some inspiration pictures or start a Pinterest board for anything you’re drawn to. This way, you can decide on what unique style you want to go for.

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