4 Lessons Each Entrepreneur Can Learn from a Working Mother

We live in a time when women’s rights are improving by the day – and that’s a wonderful thing! However, a lot of women are still the ones who, alongside a full-time job, take care of everything in the home, even if they have a partner. And there’s always the question: how do they do it? How is one person capable of doing so much with only 24 hours in a day? Well, it’s time we all learn a thing or two from the working mother:


Teach people to do their part


All too often, we tend to think that if we let someone else do the job, it won’t be done well enough, it will take too long or they simply won’t be able to do it, and we’ll be better off doing it ourselves. Just like a mother will take the time to teach her kids to pack their own lunch for school, saving hours and hours in the long run, take the time to teach people you work with to do their part well, and then trust them to do it. This will not only be beneficial and time-efficient, but it will strengthen the company as a whole, because everyone will know that they have a clear role, and they won’t be waiting around for someone to do a task they are depending on.




There is no time to sit around and wait for one thing to be finished to start the next one: the dinner needs to be made, the kids need to be helped with homework and the dishwasher has just signaled it’s done. Learn to do multiple things at once, without leaving anything unfinished. Think about the small snippets of time you have in between tasks and how you can fill them. While you are walking to another floor to a meeting, you can make a quick phone call, or answer an email. In time, you will also learn that doing several tasks at once can be beneficial, because you will find some things being done by the “two birds with one stone” method.




Many of us, when we got our first job, asked ourselves how did our mothers do it? How did they run a household, kept us all fed, clothed and happy with a limited budget? Mothers are the queens of good budgeting, and the key is prioritizing. Learn from them, and divide your budget by how urgently something is needed. Do you need that equipment right now, or can it wait until next month? Will the company survive with the old computers for a few more months, or will the upgrade give you a big boost in productivity that will pay them off in no time? Work with what you have, and you will learn that you can feed the family for a week without making a single trip to the grocery store.


Trust the tech


Women have long not been able to spend hours upon hours making meals and cleaning homes. But miraculously, the meals are there and the house is clean. How? They have evolved with the times and embraced the new technology. Just like she will now use a Kitchenaid stand mixer to make the cookies in a matter minutes, or a Roomba to keep the house clean just by pressing a button, that new software will automate tasks you would have otherwise had to spend days of your life doing manually. Automating your business will save you a lot of time and money in the long run, and it is always a smart investment.


Working mothers are frequently being underestimated and their contribution to our lives goes nearly unnoticed. It’s no wonder they themselves so often forget how important of a task they are doing. Being a mother is like being a general manager of a home, and there is a lot that entrepreneurs can learn by just speaking to the working mothers in their lives, and observing how they run their home, so let’s start paying attention and giving credit where it’s due.

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